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Workplace hygiene

Our specialised sanitising service provides a hassle-free solution to maintain best appearance and hygiene of workplace.

While your cleaning companies may provide your daily cleaning needs, your workstation and digital equipment may need more than just cleaning. Initial Hygiene provides a specialised sanitising service that can be tailored to our customers' needs.

In addition to disinfecting your work equipment to remove germs and bacteria, our technicians will restore your workspace and equipment to its best appearance, remove surface grime, dust, and other foreign stains like ink, coffee, and correction fluid.

We offer two types of workplace hygiene solutions which are Signature IT Wipes Dispenser and Workplace Sanitation services.

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Signature IT wipes dispenser

  • Wall mounted antibacterial wet wipes dispenser for convenient day-to-day usage

Recommended to be installed in:

  • Office area, near to work desk/station/area


Dimension: H 219.5mm X W 150.5mm X D 99.5mm

Workstation sanitation service

Your employees could be busy with their daily tasks to do daily sanitation to maintain hygiene standards in your workplace. Solve your worries with our workplace sanitation whereby our friendly technicians will handle the whole sanitation process for you which has a lasting protection of up to 30 days.

Specifications and benefits

  • Dusting of exterior area, in grooves and hard-to-clean area with a germicidal cleaner after a regime of brushing and polishing. 
  • Use of Surface Shield™ sanitiser to wipe down frequently touched surfaces which instantly kill harmful viruses, germs and bacteria.
  • Up to 30 days protection

Suitable use for:

  • Laptop, desktop, mouse, table phone

Workplace spot sanitation service

Reduce cross-contamination with our workplace spot sanitation service which is specially for high contact surfaces which are regularly touched by people.

Specifications and benefits


  • High risk area will be cleaned and polished with a non-woven cloths to remove the stubborn marks, grease and fingerprint
  • Sanitise with an option of alcohol or non alcohol sanitising solution


  • Use of Surface Shield™ sanitiser to wipe down frequently touched and exposed surfaces which instantly kill harmful viruses, germs and bacteria.
  • Up to 30 days protection

Suitable use for:

  • ATM, Vending Machine, Door Knob/ Handle, Switch and other high risk/ frequently touched areas at your premises

Benefits of good workplace hygiene

  • Minimise cross contamination among employees
  • Lower absenteeism and presenteeism
  • Improved staff morale and loyalty
  • Improved productivity, eventually improved profitability
  • Promote good company image

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