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Waste management service for your business

Our waste management solution is catered to ensure your waste are managed discreetly and hygienically to avoid disruption to your business while complying with legislative and environmental requirements

Fulfil the hygienic needs of your customers and employees by installing waste management services in your premises so they feel comfortable and assured that their wellbeing is taken care of. Improper waste management can lead to cross-contamination which puts them in harm.


Initial waste management services

Our waste management service is safe, discreet and comes in automation mode which further protects your visitors, customers and employees from potential risks.


Auto sanitary bin

Provide your female visitors with a discreet solution to get rid of used sanitary pads safely and hygienically with reduced contamination risks.

Waste bin

The sleek and aesthetic companion for your paper towel dispenser allows your visitors and employees to discard used paper towels and other wastes.

Nappy bin

Built with antimicrobial surfaces, the nappy unit is hygienic and convenient to use to dispose of nappy pads discreetly.

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Other Hygiene Services For Your Business

Air hygiene solution

Keep your indoor facilities clean and hygienic while providing scenting and odour control

Disinfectant mat

Help to sanitise your shoe soles to prevent the spread of germs before entering your premises.

Toilet seat cleaner

Wipe dispenser for your visitors to sanitise the toilet seat before use for extra assurance of a pleasant and hygienic cubicle experience.

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Hygiene solutions

Discover our full range of hygiene services including air, hand, surface and washroom solutions for your business.

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