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Hygiene services for your healthcare centres

Innovative hygiene solutions to help health services ensure high hygiene standards to protect staff, patients and equipment.

The priority in the healthcare and wellness sector is to maintain hygiene standards and adhere to regulatory compliance such as the Malaysian Society for Quality in Health (MSQH). On top of that, Malaysia is still fighting against the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic so hospitals are running at full capacity to attend to the patients. As a recovery centre carrying potential risks, perceived hygiene standards of visitors is even higher as they step into your facility. 

Therefore, providing essential hygienic facilities such as hand hygiene, air hygiene, washroom hygiene and other hygiene services are important. In addition to enforcing a hygienic environment to prevent cross-contamination and disease spread, proper hygiene services can create a relaxing ambience for your anxious patients and are equally essential for the preservation of your brand reputation and healthy recovery.


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Check out our innovative air hygiene range with VIRUSKILLER™ technology which kills up to 99.9999% of airborne viruses and bacteria.

Automobile hand sanitiser

Install hand sanitiser station around your patients' room and waiting area for your passerby to constantly sanitise their hands to mimimise cross-contamination.

Antimicrobial film

The self-disinfecting film kills up to 99.99% of germs and bacteria and acts as a protective layer between human touch and contaminated surfaces.

Disinfectant mat

Help to sanitise your shoe soles to prevent the spread of germs before entering your premises.

Auto sanitary bin

Provide your female visitors with a discreet solution to get rid of used sanitary pads safely and hygienically with reduced contamination risks.

Toilet seat cleaner

Wipe dispenser for your visitors to sanitise the toilet seat before use for extra assurance of a pleasant and hygienic cubicle experience.

Working together to enhance healthcare hygiene standards


Integrated hygiene

Our tailored approach for holistic hygiene solution targets air, hand, surfaces to prevent illnesses solutions to protect and prevent illness among your patients and medical staffs to break the chain of infection that can spread around your facilities.

Automated hand hygiene

Instil good hand hygiene practice among the people in your healthcare facilities to minimise cross-contamination, especially your patients and staff with our automated range of solutions for handwashing, drying and sanitising.

Innovative air protection

Our innovative air hygiene solutions such as VIRUSKILLER™ and InspireAir 72 protect your co-workers from any airborne and surface viruses and stop the transmission of infectious diseases, allowing your co-workers to work in peace.

Precautionary surface hygiene

Cross-contamination risks in your site can be high as people are opening doors, taking the elevators and bein in contact with high touchpoint surfaces so take precautionary measures with our Antimicrobial film which is a self-disinfecting film.

Proper washrooms facilities

With numerous visitors, patients and staff on your premises, your washroom facilities are used frequently so ensure you have adequate washroom facilities for them and our wide range of Washroom Hygiene services are catered to all your hygiene needs.

Cost effective and reliable

Our services are designed to provide ongoing value, lower running costs and enable predictability expenditure by reducing consumable waste. Our expertly trained technicians will maintain your hygiene units for you while you focus on attending to your patients and fight the diseases.

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