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Washroom hygiene service

Our washroom solutions help enhance user experience and minimise the risk of cross-contamination throughout the facility.

Giving your customers hygiene reassurance throughout your toilet facility is the key to creating a pleasant environment, and this includes ensuring hygiene needs such as hand, toilet seat, urinal and more. Initial offers a wide range of solutions to keep your washroom looking fresh and clean throughout the day.

Range Of Toilet Hygiene Services

Toilet roll dispensers

Quality dispenser with antibacterial surface that protects your toilet rolls from germs.

Urinal sanitiser dispenser

Protects toilets and urinals against the buildup of limescale and bacteria.

Toilet seat sanitiser dispenser

Provides extra reassurance and another level of hygiene for washroom users.

Washroom air care

Make washroom visitors feel welcome. Keep your indoor environment clean and hygienic with our air hygiene solution.

Hand hygiene solutions

Our industry-leading range of hand hygiene products includes antimicrobial soaps, sanitisers, and a range of hand drying solutions.

Waste management

Our waste management service is safe, discreet and comes in automation mode which further protects your visitors, customers and employees from potential risks.

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Signature range

Quality throughout the Signature range is of a consistently high standard with products constructed to be both tough and durable with an integral antimicrobial surface that helps reduce the spread of germs.

Auto range

Our touch-free operation is designed to provide superior hygiene protection for your washroom users.

Your local washroom hygiene professionals

All Initial technicians are highly qualified and trained. Our local teams offer a wide range of global innovations and washroom hygiene solutions to suit your exact needs.

Science and innovation
Our team of product development chemists, microbiologists and formulators ensure our solutions are laboratory tested and regulatory approved.
Local technicians
Our expertly trained and friendly technicians deliver the highest quality service and advice to create safer working environments.
Trusted expertise
For over 50 years, we have helped businesses keep their staff and customers hygienically safe.

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Hygiene insights

Providing a good washroom experience

Whether they are working in an office, spending time in a shopping mall, learning at school or enjoying a meal in a restaurant, people will visit the toilets at some point if they stay in a particular place for some time.

3 germ-free habits we should follow

People are easily contaminated due to germs spread into the air. Find out how good hygiene habits can keep your employees from cross contamination.

Help to avoid these common unhygienic washroom habits

The risk of cross-contamination easily transmits from one to another. Find out more how could you provide a hygienic environment for your customers.

Hygiene solutions

Discover our full range of hygiene services including air, hand, surface and washroom solutions for your business.

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With more than 50 years of experiences and tailored solutions to meet local business needs, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.