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Rentokil Initial partners with MOH and AIB to elevate food safety standards in Malaysia

The number of food contamination and hygiene issues are alarmingly increasing, hence it is crucial to raise food safety and hygiene standards by fostering partnerships between regulatory bodies, industry leaders and other stakeholders. Rentokil Initial Malaysia, a global leader in pest control and hygiene, understands and advocates for a closer working relationship with our customers and recently invited them to attend the nationwide Pest and Total Hygiene (PATH) workshop with the theme “Strengthening Our Partnership With You”.

Malaysians were shocked when a well known coffee manufacturer was ordered to close down their factories due to rat droppings being found close to where the coffee beans were being processed. Furthermore, a hospital canteen in Johor Bahru was ordered to close down for two weeks under Section 11 of the Food Act 1983 due to photos of a rat being caught next to food being sold.  In 2019 alone, viral news on poor food safety and pest control were shared on social media countless of times, highlighting bad sanitary practices are still rampant in Malaysia. As stated by the 2019 Global Food Safety Conference, a robust food safety culture must extend to every single employee, with industry and regulator partnership being the best way to prevent and mitigate food safety issues efficiently.

The PATH also worked to connect current industry leaders with prominent regulatory bodies such as the Ministry of Health (MOH) and global food safety audit body, AIB International to share on food safety culture and how it positively impacts your business as well as best practices in ensuring food is clean and safe for human consumption. AIB stressed that a simple food safety programme is not enough to establish proper food safety culture, rather it is important for all levels in the organisation including top managers to advocate for and act as an example for proper sanitation and hand hygiene practices, such as washing hands with soap, drying and sanitising after using the washroom. AIB also highlighted the positive impacts that food safety culture can bring to businesses such as increase in morale, productivity and revenue. MOH further reiterated the importance of food safety while sharing an extensive list of best practices in regards to food safety. They further discussed how crucial a trusted pest and hygiene management partner is in achieving satisfactory standards in food safety.

elevate food safety standards in Malaysia

Carol Lam, the Managing Director of RI Malaysia said “At Rentokil Initial, we are always committed to understand your needs and challenges. Through this deep understanding, we can then provide the right and  innovative solution that solves your pest & hygiene issues. Our experts are trained to take the initiative and to be proactive to help you rise above these challenges so you can focus on your other priorities. Our commitment is to continue the dialogue based on partnership and food safety, with the aspiration of connecting them with environmental sustainability, from food integrity to reducing plastic waste and beyond.”

By minimising food contamination risks, businesses can then shift their focus to other pressing matters. That is why engaging the right partner for pest control management and hygiene solutions is crucial. Rentokil Initial, your trusted pest control and hygiene solutions partner, truly believes in protecting people and enhancing lives.

PATH workshop is attended by more than 160 participants from over 80 companies, highlighted on how companies need to form close working relationships and share responsibilities with their pest control providers for effective and efficient pest management. The main theme centers around how by partnering with regulators and adhering to best practices, such as removing food sources to minimise pest attractions, and maintaining and repairing building structures, coupled with the help of pest control experts, companies can reduce the risk of infestations and protect themselves more effectively.

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