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Spice up your business with Signature Colour range

Every colour elicits different meaning to humans. For example, red evokes a passionate and energetic impression while staying ever so attention-grabbing. Did you know that colour can influence people’s behaviour too?

The psychology of colour:

Purchase intention

research shows that 93% of buyers are attracted by visual appearance, and 85% claimed that colour is the primary reason for them to walk in and make a purchase. Colour can undeniably impact people’s behaviours and decisions! Besides attracting more footfall, adding scents to your retail and hospitality spaces can increase purchase intent by 80%. Additionally, businesses can benefit from returning visitors with more repeat purchases.

Brand recognition

Colour is often linked with brand recognition. What’s the first thing that crosses your mind when you see a bar covered in purple paper wrapper? It immediately reminds me of a well-known chocolate brand and I could not stop wait to get one myself! This strong colour-brand association is enough to retain fans for many years to come!

Colour, whether warm to cool tones, impacts how people feel and this builds towards brand perceptions. For example, darker colours convey a minimalist yet upscale designer store while toy stores benefit from brighter and joyous hues like red and yellow. With a clear audience profile, businesses can layer their targeting with multisensory marketing to tip the scale to their favour!

Signature Colour Range

With these in mind, Initial Hygiene’s award-winning Signature Colour Range can be suited to any brand’s aesthetics. At the same time, we also take pride in our safety standards with stringent test done on the paint quality and durability, and it also comes with anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties that raises the bar on hygiene safety standards.

Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral, one of satisfied customers, expressed that, “with the ever-changing demands from hotel guests and competition from other industry players, Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral differentiates itself by being vibrant, trendy and upbeat – from our lobby environment, multi-coloured thematic floors to our hotel staff, who are encouraged to be trendy and different from the rest.”

Aloft has received praises and positive feedback from their guests and staff alike from the Signature Colour Range installed in their washrooms. Experience the subtle yet transformative power of colour and enhance your hygiene standards now. Contact us on 1300-882-388 or submit your enquiry to our website.


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