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You can now get Mould Remediation service for your business and home

Introducing Initial Mould Remediation Treatment

Initial Hygiene Malaysia has recently launched a new service called Mould Remediation Treatment which is specifically catered to remove mould problems on business premises or at home. This service is a multi-step process that gets out-of-control fungi back to natural levels while addressing the causes of mould outbreaks to prevent them from constantly growing all over again. Depending on the surface that the moulds are growing on, Initial Hygiene Malaysia has a range of methods to remove these moulds whether they are growing on porous or non-porous surfaces:

1) Steam Treatment

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A powerful combination of solution, steam and vacuum to kill and efficiently remove mould growth on surfaces.

2) Spraying and Wiping

Solutions are evenly applied onto the affected surfaces and will be left to soak for a certain amount of time before wiping them down.

3) Space Treatment

Using a specialised nozzle to kill off any spores in the air to break up fungicide into tiny mist droplets relevant to hard-to-reach areas.

Mould stems from poor air ventilation or excessive moisture accumulation, especially on surfaces near leaks in roofs, windows and pipes. The false assumption that moulds are only dangerous if you touch them, but that is not the case. Here are some of the harms these dormant moulds could bring you.

i) Causes respiratory allergies such as asthma, lung infection, skin rashes and other health issues

ii) Damaging your building structure that devalues your property overtime

iii) Creates bad impressions among your visitors because of its unsightly appearance 

iv) Lowers productivity and presenteeism among employees working in an unhygienic environment

v) Family may feel uncomfortable and curious children may touch those moulds which lead to contamination.

In need of Mould Remediation Treatment? Contact Initial Hygiene Malaysia to get a free inspection today by calling 1300 882 388 today. On top of that, for more holistic protection after mould remediation treatment, it is recommended to install Initial InspireAir 72 Air Purifier to remove particles and mould spores that eventually lead to mould growth.

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