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Benefits to go with Auto Hygiene unit

As our country has entered into the endemic phase, let’s not let our guards down on virus transmissions. Our world has changed since the pandemic started, especially on our behaviour when it comes to being more alert on the surfaces we have touched. We would always opt for the auto hygiene unit such as auto hand sanitiser to minimise any potential contact.

First and foremost, the advantage of an auto unit is that it provides a truly touchless experience. It is easily activated and simple to use with negligible efforts required by everyone. All you have to do is place your hands under the nozzle and both of your hands will get sanitised with either gel, foam or liquid type of sanitiser.

Besides, the auto unit usually has a stylish design which helps to uplift your environment at your premises like office, hotel, shopping mall, restaurant etc. A modern appearance would also help to elevate the user's experience and enhance your brand image. Another one cool thing about an auto unit is that it delivers a standard amount of dose or a single sheet of paper towel sufficient for one time usage. It helps to minimise wastage, bringing cost efficiencies to your businesses.

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Touchless hygiene units have become more common and widely available in the market now to fit the needs of your customers after the pandemic outbreak. The higher the safety reassurance provided at your premises, it helps to improve the return visits of your customers and employees’ productivity at the same time.  Check out our wide range of auto hygiene solutions suitable to be placed at the reception to the washroom, and meeting all your business’s needs. It’s never too late to enhance the hygiene level at your premises.

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