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Experience A Thrilling Scent Journey

75% of our emotions are affected by what we smell which showcases the importance of scenting to business premises.

Have You Seen This Video Yet?

This video showcases what people think about scenting and how it may help your business



A Scenting Virtual Reality Experience

Wondering what your business premises would be like if it had scenting service? Submit the form below and we will send over the Initial Premium Scenting experiential box to you. On top of that, when you submit your enquiry below before 28 Feb 2023, we will also give you Initial's exclusive sustainable merchandise!

The Power Of Scent

Scent is part of sensory marketing which can benefit businesses in a few ways:

  1. Enhance customers’ experience with a welcoming scent

  2. Increases purchase intention and dwell time

  3. Create a sense of cleanliness in business premises

  4. Elevates brand and strengthens brand recalls

Learn More About Premium Scenting

Initial Premium Scenting service is designed to provide ambient scenting on business premises with a wide range of scent for you to choose from. Find out more below:

What is Premium Scenting?

Building on scent memories, elevate your brand through experiential marketing and strengthening brand recalls among your visitors.

Which scent is right for you?

Induce brand recall among your customers by selecting the best scent to associate and represent your business.

Types of Premium Scenting scent diffuser

Check out which scent diffuser should you set up on your business premises to welcome your visitors and employees.

Benefits of Premium Scenting

Premium Scenting: The gateway to luxury

Premium brands are utilising scenting to create luxurious atmospheres for their customers.

Hygiene solutions

Discover our full range of hygiene services including air, hand, surface and washroom solutions for your business.

About Initial

With more than 50 years of experiences and tailored solutions to meet local business needs, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.