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Premium Scenting range

Find out which scent suits you the best to represent your brand and to associate your business with.

Which scent is right for you?

By conducting structured surveys of your business, Initial takes into consideration of your brand persona and business area to recommend the perfect scent that represents your brand. Whether you are looking for a refreshing and uplifting or relaxing and soothing scent, our scent range will be able to cater to every need.

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Relaxing environment

The mild odours selection provides a calming sensation to your visitors.

Refreshing lavender

Lime blossom

Magic garden

Cucumber mint


Optimistic environment

The uplifting odours selection provides an upbeat sensation to your visitors.


Lemongrass ginger

Summer blossom

Lotus flower

Fresh clean


Cinnamon gingerbread

Luxurious environment

The classy odours selection provides a sophisticated sensation to your visitors.

Boutique noir

Blue wood

Verbena tea

Wood blonde

Check out which scent diffuser should you set up on your business premises to welcome your visitors and employees.

Pair it up with Initial air hygiene units

With just fresh and fragrant odour may not be sufficient enough to keep your visitors and employees stay safe on your premises. Further assure them by installing air hygiene units on your premises to provide clean air for all to breathe.

Check out our innovative air hygiene range with VIRUSKILLER™ technology which kills up to 99.9999% of airborne viruses and bacteria.

Improve indoor air quality around you and create a safer and hygienic environment for your business.

Benefits of Premium Scenting

Premium brands are utilising scenting to create luxurious atmospheres for their customers.

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Hygiene solutions

Discover our full range of hygiene services including air, hand, surface and washroom solutions for your business.

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