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Floor mats

Keep your floors safe and clean, we work with you to understand your business’s specific needs and recommend the best solutions to protect your people and premises.

We’ve designed our mats to retain several litres of water and kilograms of dirt. We also replace soiled mats regularly – so your flooring is always protected. Our floor mat service is hassle free, highly effective and a great way to cut down on cleaning costs too. We can also provide you with high quality customised logo mats, or anti-fatigue mats for workers who spend a lot of time standing up.

Entrance mats

Initial mats are specially designed to catch dirt and moisture in your entrance and other heavy traffic areas. They provide a highly effective barrier, stopping grime being walked or wheeled through your premises.

Apart from helping reduce the effort and cost needed for day‐to‐day floor cleaning and maintenance, Initial mats also stop floors becoming slippery, reducing the potential for trips.

We replace soiled mats with fresh replacements regularly, ensuring they always remain effective, looking good and keep your flooring protected.

Entrance mats

With high capacity nylon pile for maximum absorbency, Initial Entrance mats help keep floors clean and looking good. 

  • Perfect for protecting high traffic areas. Heavy weight rubber backing to ensure extra stability. Reinforced border design to further reduce trips and falls. Stain and UV resistant.


  • Dimensions: 85cmx150cm, 115cmx180cm, 85cmx300cm
  • Colour: Frontier Grey
  • High twist nylon with 100% nitrile rubber backing
  • Fire classification: ISO 13501 test, rated E

Logo mats

Welcome your customers and guests with a customised logo floor mat. It’s a smart way to communicate your brand message throughout your building.

Our mats can be customised with your logo, name and colours with superb definition. They also perform just as effectively as our Entrance mats — and we service them regularly to ensure maximum performance and visual impact.

Logo mats

Initial logo mats promotes your brand image while protecting your floors. Ideal for reception areas and throughout you premises.

  • Detailed high resolution reproduction of your design.
  • Collects several litres of water and kilograms of dirt.
  • Perfect for protecting high traffic areas like corridors or reception.
  • Heavy weight rubber backing to ensure extra stability.
  • Reinforced border design to further reduce trips and falls.


  • Dimensions: 85cmx150cm, 115cmx180cm.
  • High twist nylon with 100% nitrile rubber backing.
  • Colourfast and UV resistant

Anti-fatigue mats

Make life more comfortable for employees that need to stand at check-outs, service counters or assembly lines.

Our anti-fatigue mats address common problems such as joint pain, backache and tiredness. They’re also proven to increase concentration and efficiency.

Manufactured from premium quality nitrile rubber, our mats are also water resistant, tough and very easy to clean.

Comfort® Anti-fatigue mat

An anti-fatigue mat specially designed for safety, comfort and protection in areas where people stand for prolonged periods.

  • Insulates feet from cold floors and protects users from static.
  • Non-slip backing and bevelled edges ideal for safety at work and wheeled traffic areas.
  • Impervious to chemicals and oil based products.
  • Reduces leg fatigue and noise.


  • Dimensions: 84cmx139cm
  • 100% nitrile rubber
  • ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 environmental certification

UltraFlow™ Anti-fatigue mat

Anti-fatigue mat with durable surface texture designed to prevent slipping, while the studded pattern on the bottom permits drainage and air circulation.

  • Open product structure provides drainage.
  • Nitrile rubber with anti-bacterial properties.
  • Premium performance in kitchens, bars, freezers & food processing areas.
  • Oil and solvent resistant.


  • Dimensions: 84cmx136cm 
  • 100% nitrile rubber 
  • ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 environmental certification

Hygiene insights

How hygienic are your colleagues? Not very!

When it’s suggested that someone has dirty washroom habits, you might not immediately think about their hands.

Washroom services and accessories

We provide the most comprehensive range of solutions in the washroom services industry. This means that we are able to deliver the service that meets your individual needs. Award winning, boasting a sleek and contemporary design, our range spans sanitary units, hand drying solutions, soap dispensers and air fresheners.

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