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Upgrade your washrooms with Signature Scent by Initial

Elevate experiences in your washrooms to make the right impression with advanced fragrance technology.

One of the first things people notice in a washroom is how it smells – scent has the power to impact a washroom user’s emotional responses, what they remember from that environment and even impressions they form about the overall business they’re in at the time. A fresh, pleasant-smelling washroom can help reassure customers or employees that facilities are clean and hygienic and make their experiences more enjoyable.

When 77% of consumers perceive a business more or less favourably depending on the state of their washrooms*, scent can play an important role in ensuring that your business makes the right impression.

That’s where Signature Scent can help make a difference.

*Initial, Air Care Report, 2017


Unleash the power of scent with innovative fragrance technology

Signature Scent by Initial is an innovative scenting device ideal for medium to large washrooms. The device disperses an ultra-fine fragrance mist using patented vibrating mesh technology. This mist remains in the air for a long time compared with standard aerosol technology and is designed to reduce malodour.

  • Advanced performance – ideal for medium to large washrooms up to 510 cubic metres*
  • Premium fragrances – offering a suite of three enchanting scents with different intensity levels, allowing businesses to create their preferred washroom experience
  • More sustainable scenting – our scent refills offer aerosol and propellant-free fragrancing, meaning they are more environmentally friendly compared with standard aerosols
  • Customisable and versatile – Signature Scent offers fully customisable programming, including boost technology for periods of high traffic and tailored fragrance diffusion over 30, 45, 60 or 90 days, meaning it can meet diverse customer needs and align with operational hours

*Based on Rentokil Initial field trials carried out in seven markets.

Premium fragrances for everyday use

Choose the perfect fragrance to showcase the best of your washrooms and your business with Signature Scent.

Scenting that’s kind to your visitors and the planet

For businesses considering different ways to reduce their environmental impact without compromising their reputation and image, Signature Scent can help meet your goals.

Signature scent benefits

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Premium Scenting

Enhance your customer experience and create deep emotional brand connections with multi-sensory marketing. Discover the power of scent with Premium Scenting.