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Protect cross-contamination hotspots with BacFree film

BacFree film is a preventive solution that elevates your protection against diseases.

Contaminated surfaces pose a risk of bacteria and viruses transmitting between users. BacFree film  works continuously using silver-ion technology to prohibit the growth of pathogens on its surface, reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

BacFree film

BacFree film is a preventive solution and elevates your protection against diseases.


  • A preventive solution against bovine coronavirus, SARS and microbes.
  • It constantly exterminates the infectious viruses and refrains the division and dissemination of the viruses.
  • Apply it on any surface like keypads, handles, ATM’s Digital kiosks, shopping carts and many more.
  • Harmless to humans.
  • Easy installation.

Hygiene insights

How hygienic are your colleagues? Not very!

When it’s suggested that someone has dirty washroom habits, you might not immediately think about their hands.

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