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Cigarette bins

With our cigarette disposal bins, the cigarette is dropped into the cigarette bin out of sight and out of the way.

Maintain a clean environment with our cigarette disposal bins. The stylish and sleek design with stainless steel finish allows smokers to safely dispose of cigarette butts that often cause problem in terms of waste, pollution and disposal. To make sure your environment stays clean and safe, our technicians remove the internal canister and replace it with a completely clean unit every time it gets serviced.

dome cigarette bin

Dome bin

• Wall-mounted or attached to a pole, it can adapt to many free standing designs.
• Its attractive dome cap features a circular ashtray area and three surrounding holes for easy cigarette disposal.

v shaped

V-Shape bin

• The stainless steel V-shaped design is practical for working environments or public places.
• While being easy to mount on walls it also has large laser cut holes for easy cigarette butt disposal.

Hygiene insights

Why wash your hands?

Your body harbours a wide selection of microorganisms — intestinal/faecal, oral, nasal, dermal — as well as carrying many others picked up from the environment. All these actions that you do without thinking can pick up unwanted germs, dirt or chemicals and transmit them to your mouth or to other objects or people.

How can you catch diseases through the air?

Discover how particles become airborne and how diseases can be transmitted through the air.

How hygienic are your colleagues? Not very!

When it’s suggested that someone has dirty washroom habits, you might not immediately think about their hands.

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