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Timeless Tattoos case study

Timeless Tattoos are a family run business that take extra care when it comes to the health and wellbeing of our clients through rigorous safety procedures.

Q1. What is Timeless Tattoos core business? (So what do you do?) (e.g. Values? Types of customers? Location?)

Timeless Tattoos are a family run business that specialises in body art (tattoo artists). We cater to any customers, who are over 18 and are ‘right of mind’, that come into our store. Should we ever accidentally tattoo a customer under the age of 18, we not only get ‘slapped’ with a $5000+ fine, but could also lead to a loss of license and business. As under regulations, it is considered child abuse.

In SA & NT, one can tattoo a customer under the age of 18; however they must have parental consent. All other states are regulated to be over 18.

We chose our location within a shopping complex as it was a new establishment in a prime location with good rent.

Q2. What makes your business different?

““We are safe”. We take extra care when it comes to the health and wellbeing of our clients through rigorous safety procedures. We reassure our clients that all the equipment we use are completely new and we dispose of everything, i.e. used needles, blood soaked paper towels and any equipment, that comes into contact with our client.

As part of our service, we also provide our clients after care and a serial number of which batch the needle or ink came from. This is so that if a needle or ink was contaminated with before delivery to our store and caused an infection, we can trace back to which batch these materials came from and issue a recall to prevent further infections to occur.

Furthermore we provide “decent work for a fair price”. Despite numerous competitors in neighbouring suburbs, we give customer confidence through our safety, honesty and great work. However developing loyalty through client relationships is also key to our success. We’ve had some customers say they would keep visiting another tattooist just because they are a good ‘bloke’, even if their work is only average.

Therefore we want to make sure that our work is decent with the price that we charge and ensure our customers feel safe and confident of our work ethics; knowing they won’t be overcharged (“ripped off”).

Q3. Why did you feel it was important to install a sharps unit?

We feel that sharps disposal is extremely important for our business, especially since not many people realise the health/medical aspect of our procedures. For example: for any new client we would always request them to fill out a form that asks about their health condition e.g. have you had any alcohol? Are you currently pregnant? Do you have any skin allergies? And whether you have just had medication that may affect your safety when tattooing; are some of the questions we ask before we commence work.

To us “health is the top priority, nothing comes before that”. So to ensure “zero chance of infection” we had installed sharps servicing and changed our entire operation to using disposable equipment only. The reason why we have done this is due to changing market trends and research revealing sterilisation of needles doesn’t guarantee or prevent the transference of infection. Even now, some Body Art specialists still just sterilise and reuse needles as a possible cost saving. Though we have found that in adopting the method of disposing all our sharps equipment etc. it actually costs less.

Has installing the sharps unit made your job easier? How?

It has made our job easier as we know that the sharps are appropriately taken care of, whilst we concentrate on what we do best. Furthermore by adopting all disposable equipment, it has actually helped us reduce operating cost.

It has also made our compliance to health and safety extremely easy and straight forward. This was especially so when our local council came in to inspect our premise before we began operation. They were pleasantly surprised when no sterilising equipment was found, but instead seen a full proof sharps disposal servicing method that will ensure zero chance of infection.

Q4. Why did you choose Initial?

We chose Initial due to the relationship we had with your colleague, Chris Papadopoulos. Due to our relationship we could trust his recommendation and knew it would be a fair valued service. In having also heard others having used Initial’s services and found it was good, we could then also trust in the name.

What part of our servicing do you think really excels?

The consistency of the service is what really stood out. Your technician happily comes in at the appointed times and always does the job well.