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The new normal: 4 tips to boost your business hygiene level

Right from the beginning of 2020, the world has been baffled with the sudden outbreak of COVID-19, not only does it impact the entire health ecosystem, but dampening the economy's growth globally. While Malaysia is not spared from this crisis, our government has taken great efforts in placing strict enforcements in the past few months to contain the outbreak, and from July onwards, most of the businesses have started to resume operation such as offices, public premises like retail malls, restaurants and even schools will be fully reopened by the end of July.  Despite RMCO giving way to a plethora of new relaxation measures, the fight is not over for this pandemic. Thus, precaution measures must continue to be in place to ensure the highest hygiene level for the safety of everyone. 

As a business owner, how can you protect your employees and visitors?

  • Sanitise your premises regularly 

While everyone is pacing back to normal life, regular actions such as retrieving money from ATM machines and getting back to work in office with various electronic gadgets such as laptops, mobile phones and other electronic devices may seem dutiful and alright. But, do you know these machines and laptops have a higher germ count than the average toilet seat, which contains nearly 5,000 germs and 3,000 germs respectively? It may allow the spread of bacteria at your premises if they go on to touch from one surface to another surfaces after using these electronic devices. Generally, carrying out regular sanitation is crucial and important. Initial Hygiene provides sanitation services which creates a protective layer on these hot spot touchpoints that last up to 30 days to protect your employees and provide a peace of mind for your visitors at your premises. 

  • Get the shoes soles sanitised

Did you know that our shoe soles pick up harmful germs and bacteria? These would then be transferred from the shoe soles to your floor/carpet as we enter into your building premises, exposing your employees and visitors to risk of cross-contamination. Hence, it is important to reduce the risk through shoe soles with Initial Disinfectant Mat which the base contains Initial Disinfectant Solutions that helps to sanitise and effectively kills common strains of harmful germs and bacteria. 

  • Hand hygiene facility is now a necessity

This pandemic outbreak has resulted in increased hygiene awareness whether it is at the workplace or at any public premises. As more working adults resume to work and visitors make regular visits to your premises, common touch points such as door knobs and elevators may contain harmful bacteria which can easily cause cross-contamination via touch. Hence, take proactive steps in protecting your employees and visitors with Initial Auto Hand Hygiene Range, to encourage good hand hygiene habits in your premises.

  • Be a socially responsible citizen 

As more and more restrictions are relaxed throughout Malaysia, there is some anxiety about complacency among Malaysians. No social distancing, the mask is off while walking around and some may even refuse to register before entering a premises. Don’t compromise these relaxations at your premises as it may affect your business operations if anyone is infected. Mitigate the risk of germs spread by adhering to Health Ministry’s recommendations and ensure your employees and visitors follow these steps before entering your premises.

Everyone has a role to play in 

Even though daily statistics has shown the decline of new infections, it should be noted that this reduction is only applicable to the clusters that were tested. Hence, everyone of us has the responsibility to embrace and follow all the guidelines by MOH to avoid a new wave of Covid-19, like what happened in other countries. While we are still fighting with the pandemic, grab this opportunity to learn about self-discipline, maintaining cleanliness, rebuilding relationships with people, and so forth to accommodate the inevitable change in our lives.

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