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Initial Disinfectant Mat

Disinfectant mat effectively sanitises the soles of your shoes before you and your visitors enter the premises to prevent the risk of germs being spread.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), It is scientifically proven that there are countless germs and bacteria that can be found in the soles of your shoes, which raises the risk of cross-contamination and spreads of disease from the shoe soles. Our Disinfectant Mat Service is designed with multi-layer fabrics that provide a clean and high-performing foot bath system which helps sanitise the soles of the shoes before entering the premises to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. For optimum efficacies and safety measures paired with Initial Dust Control Mat which is ideal for high-traffic areas like offices, education, hospitality, gym, etc.

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Disinfectant mat

  • Comes with 5 changeable fabric inserts
  • The base contains Initial Disinfectant Solutions that effectively kills common strains of harmful germs and bacteria
  • Recommended to be placed right at the entrance before entering your building facilities. Initial Disinfectant Mat will be paired with Initial Dust Control Mat for optimum efficacies and safety measure
  • Each fabric insert is designed to last up to 6 days and it is easily maintained simply by removing the top layer of fabric insert every 6 days, and top up of 4L Initial Disinfectant Solutions every 2 weeks
  • Available size: 2' (H) x 3' (W)

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