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3,2,1… Action! Insist on indoor clean air with Initial AirDeka campaign with your creative act!

3,2,1… Action! Insist on indoor clean air with Initial AirDeka campaign with your creative act!

Initial Hygiene Malaysia has launched an exciting campaign to emphasise the need for clean air in celebration of the patriotic months. Known as the AirDeka campaign, the name was derived from the focus on clean air and Merdeka, indicating how as Malaysian, we should liberate clean air from the contaminated air so that fellow Malaysians can breathe in safe air to stay healthy and minimise the risk of getting an illness.

Not washing hands after using the washroom

In May this year, WHO and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have accepted the scientific findings that Coronavirus is airborne so we must be mindful of the air we inhale to minimise the risk of infection.  Moreover, as we are staying indoors more frequently because of the fear of stepping out during this MCO, maintaining good indoor air quality is even more crucial for you and your loved ones. On top of that, during this pandemic outbreak, you never know if there are dangerous airborne particles that were brought indoors, especially into your home where you should feel most safe.

Family meditating

As such, it is important to have clean indoor air to ensure you and your family are well-protected and can stay healthy. Here are some of the benefits of having clean air:


i) Breathe without worries - Inhaling contaminated air can make you more prone to illness and allergies.
ii) Sleep better - Clean air reduces stress level and helps sleep come in more readily.
iii) Reduce bad odour - Pungent and bad odour can make you feel uncomfortable, suffocated and irritable.

However, achieving clean indoor air at home can be hard especially when we are reliant on using household products that could release harmful particles in the air such as volatile organic compounds (VOC). According to this research, one of the recommended ways to have clean air is with air purifiers which is one of the services and products which Initial Hygiene Malaysia provides.

Express win

Initial Hygiene Malaysia has a series of Air Hygiene products and services, ranging from the various models of VIRUSKILLER™ or InspireAir 72, that suit your indoor environment, i.e. your home and office. This brings us to the AirDeka campaign that Initial Hygiene Malaysia recently launched in conjunction with our National Day celebration, whereby you can pose with different Initial Air Hygiene units to express your need for clean air. Just visit Initial Malaysia Instagram and use the Initial AirDeka filter to express ‘AirDeka’ in your act through Instagram story. You can sing, act, dance, berpuisi or berpantun - Whatever you name it! Be as creative as you can.

Viruskiller prize

The most creative submission stands a chance to win an RM3,000 worth of Initial VIRUSKILLER™ Hextio which disinfects air by killing airborne viruses and bacteria in a single air pass, including Coronavirus*. Other prizes such as Philips Air Fryer and RedMi Soundbar are also up for grabs. For more information, just head on over to Initial Instagram where you can find more more information and how you can participate in our video. Here are some of the video submissions we have received during the AirDeka campaign.


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