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Sanitary Bins

Ensure your washroom has female Sanitary Bins so they can dispose of the sanitary waste discreetly and hygienically.

One of the essential needs for female cubicles is sanitary bins which allow your female visitors and employees to dispose of sanitary pads safely. However, there are businesses that have yet to provide sanitary bins and have been using rubbish bins as replacements which is not recommended.


Importance Of Sanitary Bins

  • Minimise unhygienic practice - Proper disposal of sanitary pads to prevent blockage, foul odours and spread of bacteria/viruses
  • Customer and employee satisfaction - Demonstrate commitment to maintain high hygiene standards for customers and employees
  • Environmental responsibility - Onsite sanitation service to reduce ecological footprint and maintain sustainable waste management practices

Why Initial Automatic Sanitary Bins?


Signature Auto Sanitary Bin

  • Compact, durable and slimline - Easily fits into your female washroom
  • Sleek, contemporary design - Impress your visitors
  • Touchless feature - Infrared sensor detects hand movements in controlling the lid opening discreetly and minimises contact with high-risk touchpoints
  • On-site sanitation services - Reduce carbon footprint by servicing on your business premises
  • Integral antibacterial technology - Prevents the spread of harmful germs


  • Capacity: 22L
  • Dimensions: H 510mm x W 540mm x D 180mm
  • Weight: 2.7kg


  • Contains disinfectant granules, which combat the unpleasant odours inside the bin, whilst slowly releasing delicate fragrance to deliver constant cubicle freshness.

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