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Initial Dust Control Mat

Create a safer and cleaner environment with Dust Control Mat that not only creates a clean and professional-looking environment but also reduces the chances of slipping hazards by absorbing dirt and water from trailing into your premises.

Dust Control Mat is designed to minimise the potential of slipping hazards by absorbing dirt and water from the trailing into your premises while creating a clean and professional-looking environment. Dust Control Mat comes with a non-slip rubber backing that allows it to stay affixed to the floor which reduces the potential of sliding floor mats accidents.

Initial Dust Control Mat Service is ideal for high-traffic areas like the lobby and reception of offices, hotels and shopping malls.

Our floor care service routines ensure that floor mats are replaced regularly to ensure your floors are clean and visually pleasing.

Standard mat

  • Designed with a combination of tough nylon fibers with denier yarns for maximum absorbency 
  • Dirt and water are absorbed underneath the colored surface ensuring clean looking floor mats at all times 
  • Backed with 100% nitrile rubber keeps the floor mats laying flat and stay in place to prevent slipping hazards 
  • Available in 4 colours and 5 sizes


  • Colour: Black, Brown, Grey, Red
  • Dimensions: 2' (H) x 3' (W), 3' (H) x 5' (W), 4' (H) x 6' (W), 4' (H) x 8' (W) or 4' (H) x 12' (W)

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