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We are the experts in hygiene services

Initial is the world's leading hygiene company, delivering innovative, integrated and discreet hygiene services to commercial and residential customers across Singapore.

Initial Singapore is a leading hygiene service provider with almost 60 years of experience.

We specialise in assisting commercial and industrial businesses in preventing the transmission of infectious diseases with a range of industry-leading surface, hand, air, and washroom hygiene solutions tailored to your needs.

Initial, with over 100 years of experience in the service industry, we are the experts in hygiene.

Committed to keeping you healthy by providing high-quality hygiene products and services such as soap and hand sanitiser dispensers, hand dryers, air care and purification, cubicle and surface sanitisers, feminine hygiene units, toilet paper dispensers, floor mats and deep clean services.

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Science and innovation
Our team of chemists and microbiologists ensure our solutions are fully tested and regulatory approved.
Eco-friendly Solutions

We prioritize environmental responsibility and offer eco-friendly solutions, including biodegradable hygiene products without compromising on hygiene or service quality.

Trusted expertise
For over 100 years, we have helped businesses keep their staff and customers hygienically safe.

Initial Hygiene is committed to sustainability. Discover our efforts to reduce waste, conserve energy, and promote eco-friendly solutions for various commercial sectors. 

Initial’s On-Site Servicing (OSS) solutions allow companies to switch to eco-friendly operations without compromising hygiene or service quality.

Protect your business from germs with Initial Hygiene's 360-degree approach to surface, air, and hand hygiene services. Our Structured Hygiene Audit provides customized recommendations to enhance hygiene actions and create memorable, healthy experiences. Trust our qualified hygiene experts and diagnostic technology to identify risk areas and determine the correct services for your needs.

 Giving our customers peace of mind

Keeping up with the changing insights and regulations on infection control can be challenging for any business. Watch the video below to see how we helped our clients navigate through their hygiene needs, leaving them to focus on their business.


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Our Initial experts and technicians are there for you throughout Singapore.

About Initial

We provide the most comprehensive range of hygiene solutions to deliver the service that meets your individual needs.

Initial Hygiene has supported us in maintaining high hygiene standards. Their structured approach during the Hygiene survey, the way they interacted with us- gave us confidence in their expertise. They approached the problem holistically- looking at the different ways we could prevent cross-contamination & the spread of infection.

Ernest FOH Manager, Mylo’s Gelateria