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Our expert solutions span across all business sectors. Whatever sector your business operates in, we have a range of solutions and services that can be tailored to the hygiene needs of your business

Our team of hygiene experts can help you to provide a safe and hygienic workspace for your staff and customers, whatever your business. Utilising our considerable experience we will identify critical hygiene hotspots and develop a plan to suit your environment, delivering tailored expertise to help you stay hygienically safe and legally compliant.



Aged care

Protect some of the most vulnerable in our community by enabling best practice hygiene solutions and services- tailored just for you.


Initial offers a range of hygiene solutions suited to classrooms, washrooms, and communal areas to help create safe and healthy environments for students and teachers.

Gyms and leisure centers

With high numbers of users, close interaction, and frequent contact with surfaces, germs can circulate quickly in confined spaces. Our solutions can help you mitigate the risk of infections.


The manufacturing environment presents many hygiene risks due to the large numbers of people involved in production, storing, packing and distributing goods. Initial offers integrated solutions allowing you to protect your staff from cross-infections.

Warehouse and logistics

With high potential for germs to spread at multiple stages of operations, in shared areas in buildings such as reception, storage, canteens, washrooms and from shared equipment. It’s essential to put integrated measures in place to stop the spread of pathogens.

Hygiene solutions tailored to your business

Our expert technicians are committed to helping you keep your environment hygienic, safe and healthy. Their aim, especially in the current situation, is to improve operational efficiencies with hygiene standards across all facilities, making significant contributions to the hygiene and wellbeing of employees and visitors. 

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We provide the most comprehensive range of hygiene solutions to deliver the service that meets your individual needs.