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Air Care

Learn the 8 common signs of poor indoor air quality in Singapore offices and how to improve them. Address mould, humidity, ventilation, and more for a healthier work environment.

Learn about Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) regulations in Singapore and how to achieve BCA Green Mark certification. Ensure a healthy indoor environment for your occupants.

Improve indoor air quality, deactivate viruses & bacteria, and increase employee productivity with Initial's VIRUSKILLERS™ air purifier. Learn more.

Uncover the secret to fresh & healthy air in your workplace: Learn the difference between air purifiers & humidifiers & how to choose the perfect one for you!

Improve indoor air quality and protect your employees with the right air purifier. Learn about types, factors to consider and how to choose the best one for offices.

Improve indoor air quality, increase productivity, reduce sick days, and more. Learn why investing in an air purifier is essential for the workplace. Read now.

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