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Washroom hygiene

4 myths about toilet odour. Why do toilets smell bad despite having an air freshener and flushing the bowl for many times? Learn more with Initial experts.

Let’s admit it! You are guilty of one of these ugly washroom habits. Take the right steps to make the community we live and work in become a better one.

Wah! Long queue! And what’s that smell? Common washroom complaints you always hear in this ‘fine’ city, can Singaporeans become better washroom users?

An everyday hygiene essential, toilet paper roll is small, insignificant in the washroom. Yet users are not able to live without it. Initial tells you more.

We bring along our phones into toilets, and we are always in a rush to finish the business. Here are 4 healthy toilet habits you could start practicing today.

Do you experience challenges in keeping toilet smelling fresh all day? Let Initial Hygiene share with you a few simple tricks to a nice smelling washroom.

Do you know unsanitary washroom habits can be harmful to our health? Initial Singapore provides a complete solution to fill all your washroom requirement gaps.

Initial Singapore shares the importance of toilet seat cleaner and why it is essential for workplaces and public spaces to protect the safety against bacteria and viruses.

Toilets are a common source of infections but there are ways you can maintain toilet hygiene. Initial Singapore provides solutions for all your hygiene needs.

Feminine hygiene units are becoming more of a must than an option as women in the workforce are growing. Here are some interesting facts to know with Initial.

Discover the 10 everyday items that could be dirtier than your toilet bowl. Initial Singapore shares the importance of maintaining optimal hygiene.