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Washroom Hygiene

Learn about male incontinence and its impact on a person's life. Discover Initial Hygiene Singapore's innovative solutions for discreet and hygienic disposal in public washrooms.

Toilets are a common source of infections but there are ways you can maintain toilet hygiene. Find out the only 6 ways you need to maintain toilet hygiene.

Discover 8 fascinating facts about sanitary bins and their importance in promoting washroom hygiene. Read more on the Initial Singapore blog.

Toilet paper roll is small, insignificant in the washroom. Yet users are not able to live without it. Find out 4 unexpected ways to use toilet paper.

We bring our phones into toilets and always rush to finish the business. Here are 4 healthy toilet habits you could start practicing today.

Do you experience challenges in keeping toilet smelling fresh all day? Let Initial Hygiene share with you a few simple tricks to a nice smelling washroom.

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