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Retail hygiene

Innovative hygiene solutions to help retailers ensure high hygiene standards to protect staff, visitors, customers and business premises.

Having good hygiene standards is vital to minimise the risk of cross-infection. Multiple visitors and frequently touched surfaces heighten the risk of infection transmission in a retail environment. Consumers are much more aware of hygiene standards than ever before. 71% are now more fearful of the spread of germs via the surfaces they touch than before the COVID-19 pandemic*. A comfortable and hygienic experience goes a long way in improving a customer's perceptions and gaining their confidence and loyalty.

As the world-leading hygiene experts, Initial can help you minimise the risk of infections being passed on via surfaces, hands and air. Our integrated hygiene solutions enable high levels of hygiene to be maintained and reduce risks for staff and customers.

How do you maintain hygiene in retail? 

Maintaining hygiene in the retail industry is essential for creating a positive shopping experience for customers and promoting the health and well-being of employees. Several steps can be taken to ensure maintaining hygiene in all settings. 

One of the most important things to do is to regularly clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces, such as countertops, registers, and door handles. This can help to prevent the spread of germs and illnesses. In addition to regular cleaning and disinfection, it is also vital to have an effective waste management system in place to prevent waste build-up and keep the store clean and free of debris. 

Providing hand sanitiser and other hand hygiene products for employees and customers is also an excellent way to promote good hygiene in the retail industry. Maintaining good hygiene in the retail sector is essential for creating a clean and welcoming environment for customers and employees.

Employee education is essential to maintain hygiene in retail. One way to ensure this education is effective is by adding posters, hygiene checklists, and other forms of communication around the office. This can include signs and posters that remind employees of proper handwashing techniques, sanitation procedures, and the importance of personal hygiene.

Additionally, regular communications, such as bulletins, emails, or staff meetings, can reinforce the importance of good hygiene and provide updates on company policies and procedures related to hygiene and safety.

Entrances and exits

Germs can be brought into your business by customers or staff. Hand sanitisers that kill germs can be positioned in the most convenient locations, such as entry points, to promote frequent use.

In your whole facility

High levels of footfall, close contact between people and surfaces, and the storage of different food and materials mean that surface hygiene and air care solutions across your facility are vital to help avoid the spread of germs.

Frequently touched objects

Frequently touched objects such as door handles, clothes hangers and shopping trolleys can facilitate cross-contamination. Surface hygiene solutions can reduce risks of infection by sanitising these touchpoints.

Kitchens and fresh food counters

Staff working in kitchens, food preparation areas and fresh-food counters can transmit bacteria and viruses onto equipment, surfaces and the food itself – compromising food safety. Effective hand hygiene facilities and surface hygiene programmes are crucial in these locations.

Hygienic washrooms

Toilet seats, sinks and flush handles can transmit germs. Regularly sanitise surfaces. All-female washrooms should be well-provisioned with feminine hygiene facilities.

Tills, self-service and payment areas

Conveyor belts, bagging areas, self-service containers, payment screens and card readers can harbour germs. Self-serve sprays and wipes and hand sanitisers can kill bacteria and viruses in these areas to help reduce germ transmission..

Quality hygiene solutions to meet the needs of your customers

Facility managers can ensure end-to-end premise needs are met with the best possible hygiene solutions to help protect the health of employees and visitors. 

Initial’s tailored hygiene solutions are expertly designed to meet the requirements of your business, so your premises remain hygienic and productive.

Hand hygiene

An award-winning range of hand hygiene products and hand soaps and sanitisers, formulated to be highly effective against bacteria and viruses

Surface hygiene

Our surface hygiene services disinfect and sanitise surfaces, equipment and floors with effective solutions that can kill up to 99.99% of bacteria and viruses.

Air hygiene

Clean, safe air is more important than ever. Our air purification solutions can remove up to 99.9999% of airborne particles, including respiratory droplets.

Why is hygiene important in retail, and how does hygiene affect customer service?

Hygiene is vital in the retail industry for several reasons. Firstly, good hygiene helps to create a positive shopping experience for customers. A clean and well-maintained store is more inviting and appealing to customers, which can help to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. In contrast, a dirty or unhygienic store can be off-putting to customers and may discourage them from returning.

Hygiene is also important in the retail industry because it promotes the health and well-being of employees. A clean and hygienic work environment can help reduce the spread of illness and disease among employees, improving productivity and reducing absenteeism.

Regarding customer service, good hygiene is essential for creating a positive and professional image for the store. Customers expect a certain level of cleanliness when shopping. They may be more likely to perceive the store if it is dirty or unhygienic negatively. This can have a negative impact on customer service and may lead to reduced customer satisfaction.

Overall, good hygiene is essential for creating a positive and welcoming environment for customers and employees in the retail industry. It is crucial for retailers to prioritise cleanliness and hygiene to provide a high level of customer service and promote their employees' health and well-being.

Disrupt the journey of the germ 

Good hygiene practices are essential for disrupting the transmission of germs and protecting premises and the people in them from further risks, especially at cross-contamination hotspots.

Watch the journey of the germ video to see how easily frequently touched surfaces can be a source of transmission to staff and customers.


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