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Hygiene in hospitality industry

Innovative hygiene solutions to help hotels ensure high hygiene standards to protect staff, guests, equipment and brand reputation.

We work with the world's largest hospitality companies, so we understand that maintaining high standards and giving guests the best possible experience is vital in a competitive economic climate. 

Guests want to be reassured that good hygiene services are in place and that they'll be protected during their stay. We also understand the need for good value, solutions that set your hotel apart, and services that improve efficiency. 

Most of all, you need a trusted partner who is reliable, can respond quickly, and can reduce the management burden.

What is personal hygiene in hospitality? 

Personal hygiene is the practice of maintaining cleanliness and grooming oneself to prevent the spread of disease or illness. This is especially important in the hospitality industry, where hotel staff are in close contact with guests and have the potential to spread disease through contact or the handling of food and drinks. 

All staff in the hotel industry must follow good personal hygiene practices to protect guests' health and maintain the hotel's reputation. This includes washing hands frequently, especially before handling food or drinks and wearing appropriate protective clothing, such as gloves and hairnets. 

In addition to personal hygiene, it is also crucial for hotels to maintain high standards of cleanliness and hygiene in the facilities and guest rooms. This includes regular cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces and ensuring that all equipment, such as HVAC systems, are well-maintained and functioning properly. 

By following good personal hygiene practices and maintaining clean and disinfected facilities, hotels can help prevent the spread of illness and create a safe and enjoyable environment for guests.

Why is personal hygiene important in the hospitality industry? 

Personal hygiene is vital in the hospitality industry for several reasons. Firstly, it is essential for preventing the spread of disease or viruses. Hotel staff, particularly those working in food and beverage service, have the potential to spread illness through contact or the handling of food and drinks. 

By maintaining good personal hygiene, such as washing hands frequently and wearing protective clothing, hotel staff can help prevent the spread of illness to guests. Secondly, good personal hygiene is vital for maintaining the hotel's reputation. A dirty or unkempt appearance can create a negative impression and deter guests from returning. In addition, good personal hygiene is essential for the health and safety of hotel staff. A clean and well-maintained work environment can help prevent the spread of illness among employees and create a safer and more enjoyable work environment. 

Overall, personal hygiene is an essential aspect of the hospitality industry. Hotels need to ensure that all staff is following good personal hygiene practices to protect the health and satisfaction of guests and maintain a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene in the hotel.


Integrated hygiene services

We provide a tailored approach to providing better hand, surface and air hygiene solutions to protect and prevent illness. Our experts will assess your hotel and advise how and where hygiene solutions should be provided to maximise usage and protection.

Supporting better guest experience

Our range of quality hygiene solutions enhances washrooms, lobbies, restaurants and communal areas. The Signature washroom product range combines style with functionality, helping to redefine hygiene standards for all washroom environments.

Helping improve food safety

Maintaining good personal hygiene standards for all staff who handle food is vital to ensure food safety. Initial have developed a range of solutions to support better hand hygiene practice, aid food safety compliance and to protect the health of staff.

Air purification

Reducing the risk of airborne transmission of COVID-19 and other diseases is critical. Our VIRUSKILLER™ and InspireAir 72 air purifiers are designed to improve air quality and stop the transmission of infectious illnesses, making indoor spaces – guest rooms, lobbies, communal areas – safer.

Scenting communal areas

As the global leader in the design, development and deployment of full-service scent solutions, Premium Scenting creates enhanced spaces for superior customer experiences. Our consultative approach ensures your hotels have a bespoke solution specific to your brand and each of your locations.

Supporting cost control

Our services and solutions have been designed to provide ongoing value while lowering running costs and enable predictable expenditure. Our solutions are designed to reduce consumable waste and are easy to service and clean. Flexible service scheduling ensures solutions are stocked correctly and available when you need them.

What are good hygiene practices in the hospitality industry?

Good hygiene practices in the hospitality industry are essential for preventing the spread of diseases or viruses like influenza, the common cold, Norovirus, and Coronavirus. These germs and bacteria can be spread through contact with contaminated surfaces, by breathing in droplets from an infected person's cough or sneeze, or by eating or drinking contaminated food or water.

Thus, hotel staff is critical in maintaining clean and hygienic environments for guests. The hotel industry must regularly clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces such as door handles, light switches, and elevator buttons. Staff should also wash their hands frequently and use hand sanitiser to prevent the spread of germs. 

Providing guests access to hand hygiene products such as hand soap and sanitiser is also essential. Proper training on hygiene protocols and regularly reminding staff of the importance of good hygiene practices can help ensure a safe and healthy environment for guests and staff in the hospitality industry.

Delivering integrated hygiene for hotels

Our industry-leading washroom solutions are award-winning and proven to be highly effective. We provide innovations such as intelligent no-touch dispensers, highly effective consumables and cutting-edge air hygiene solutions that can help protect the health and safety of your customers and staff.

Hand hygiene

An award-winning range of hand hygiene products and hand soaps and sanitisers, formulated to be highly effective against bacteria and viruses

Washroom hygiene

Our washroom solutions help enhance user experience and minimise the risk of cross-contamination throughout the facility.

myInitial: your online hygiene portal

Discover our easy-to-use online customer portal that supports hygiene management of single or multiple sites.

Air hygiene

Clean, safe air is more important than ever. Our air purification solutions can remove up to 99.9999% of airborne particles, including respiratory droplets.

Disrupt the journey of the germ 

Good hygiene practices are essential for disrupting the transmission of germs and protecting premises and the people in them from further risks, especially at cross-contamination hotspots.

Watch the journey of the germ video to see how easily frequently touched surfaces can be a source of transmission to staff and customers.


Hotel insights

When hygiene is managed well, it usually goes unnoticed, but it quickly becomes a focal point when managed poorly. Good hygiene is vital to create environments where guests feel rested and reassured. It also influences how your brand is perceived long after checkout. 

Clean and hygienic facilities, communal areas and washrooms can play a key role in turning an average stay into a great one and are some of the most important factors when recommending a hotel to friends and colleagues.

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Fragrant, odour-free washrooms deliver a hygienic experience that improves customers’ perceptions and positively impacts behaviour and loyalty.

Use scenting to drive your topline

Understand how to harness the power of scenting to drive a positive experience.

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