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Hygiene services and solutions

Innovative hygiene solutions that are tailored to your needs, helping you protect your staff, customers and brand reputation.

Initial offers a comprehensive range of commercial, integrated hygiene solutions designed to accommodate your business and give you peace of mind that your premises are hygienically safe. We install and maintain your hygiene solutions and manage consumables and sanitary waste while ensuring compliance with all local legislation and environmental regulations.

What is the importance of hygiene service for a business?

Hygiene services are essential for businesses for several reasons. Firstly, good hygiene helps to create a positive and welcoming environment for employees and customers. A clean and well-maintained business is more inviting and appealing, which can help to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. In addition, good hygiene is essential for promoting the health and well-being of employees. A clean and hygienic work environment can help reduce the spread of illness and disease among employees, improving productivity and reducing absenteeism.


Commercial hygiene services 

Explore hygiene innovations and expert services that will keep your environment super hygienic. Plus, a range of stunning designs that will make your facilities stand out. You can have every confidence in Initial. Our holistic approach will assist you in establishing good hygiene practices across your organisation.

 Giving our customers peace of mind

Keeping up with the changing insights and regulations on infection control can be challenging for any business. Watch the video below to see how we helped our diverse clients navigate through their hygiene needs- leaving them to focus on their business.


 Tailored hygiene solutions

We offer a comprehensive range of commercial, integrated hygiene solutions, designed to accommodate your business and give you peace of mind that your premises are hygienically safe.

Our tailored air care, surface hygiene, washroom and hand hygiene solutions can help you deal with the risk of the coronavirus, protect your business and create healthier and more hygienic buildings.

How to promote hygiene and sanitation?

There are several steps that businesses can take to promote hygiene and sanitation. These can include:

  • Hiring a professional cleaning service to regularly clean and disinfect the business
  • Implementing a regular cleaning schedule and procedures for employees to follow
  • Providing hand hygiene products, such as hand sanitiser and soap, for employees and customers to use
  • Ensuring that waste is correctly disposed of and regularly emptied
  • Providing training and education to employees on the importance of hygiene and how to maintain a clean and hygienic work environment

Overall, promoting hygiene and sanitation is essential for creating a clean and healthy work environment for employees and a positive customer experience. By taking these steps, businesses can improve productivity and reduce the spread of illness. 

Initial industry expertise

Experts specifically design our solutions, scientists, researchers, and regulatory specialists to help you mitigate the risk of liability and reduce illness from germ and virus transmission. We help create a safe and hygienic environment to increase comfort and engagement levels. Our local experts are highly trained to identify critical hygiene hotspots and provide recommendations for all industry types, from hotel and restaurant hygiene services to office and retail hygiene services.

myInitial: your online hygiene portal

Discover our easy-to-use online customer portal that supports hygiene management of single or multiple sites.

Hygiene insights

The Global Hygiene Reset report

Twenty questions. Twenty countries. Twenty thousand responses. Learn more about the impact that Covid-19 has had on hygiene attitudes and behaviours.

Washroom interventions for the new normal

Download our ebook to help you better manage hygiene risks in your washrooms.

Air hygiene: Invisible yet critical.

Why your business should be enlisting air hygiene in the fight to protect health, safety and wellbeing.

Menstrual hygiene awareness: Helping young girls manage their periods better

Let’s talk about periods. Find out how you can play a part in breaking the stigma around periods.

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