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Hygiene HIIT Survey

Protect your business from germs with Initial Hygiene's 360-degree approach to surface, air, and hand hygiene services. Our Structured Hygiene Audit provides customized recommendations to enhance hygiene actions and create memorable, healthy experiences. Trust our qualified hygiene experts and diagnostic technology to identify risk areas and determine the correct services for your needs.

A 360-degree approach to hygiene

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are now hyperaware of conditions that impact health in public environments. Businesses are now faced with an onslaught of new decisions, including how to comply with ever-changing guidelines and legislation. Consumers seek businesses that implement responsible practices and go the extra mile to protect their customers and employees. 

No single solution can tackle all germs. That's why Initial Hygiene developed a full-service, 360-degree approach to disrupt germs at any point along their journey. Surface, air, and hand hygiene services work in unison to protect health and enhance wellness in your workplace. Our protocol assessment then verifies that your efforts support your organisation's health and well-being initiatives. 

Initial's Structured Hygiene Audit

Our Structured Hygiene Audit allows you to cover all the bases with a thoughtful and thorough set of measures to protect the people who keep your business running. Our Hygiene Assessment assures you that all your locations execute those measures consistently. 

The Hygiene Assessment is a detailed, interactive evaluation designed to review wellness policies, social distancing, touchpoints, and more. Following the assessment, you'll receive a comprehensive report providing actionable insights and recommendations to implement going forward. 

Your business is unique. Shouldn't your hygiene solution be, too? We partner with you to understand your needs and determine how surface, air, and hand hygiene services would best work together in your environment. We will evaluate your operations for risks and highlight critical areas for enhanced hygiene action in a customised plan for your business. Our full-service experience provides cost savings, consistency, convenience and peace of mind. Most importantly, we help you create memorable, healthy experiences demonstrating your brand's commitment and care. 

Through Structured Hygiene Audit (SHS), our qualified hygiene experts will carry out several tests using diagnostic technology and approach such as Lumitester and Swabbing activities, which allow us to identify: 

  • Risk areas within your premises 
  • Which hygiene measures are required 
  • The correct service packages for your needs

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