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Office hygiene services

Innovative hygiene solutions to help offices ensure high hygiene standards to protect staff, visitors and equipment.

Good hygiene is vital for the health and safety of your employees. Office environments provide the ideal conditions for spreading bacteria and illnesses to take hold. 60% of work illnesses resulting from time off sick are contracted from dirty office equipment.

How to maintain cleanliness in the office?

Did you happen to know? Every 60 seconds, a working adult touches as many as 30 objects which may be contaminated by bacteria or viruses causing infectious disease (Dr Charles Gerba, University of Arizona).

Therefore, it is critical in maintaining cleanliness in the office is essential for creating a positive work environment and promoting the health and well-being of employees. One effective way to ensure a clean office is to hire a professional cleaning service. These services can provide a thorough cleaning and disinfection of the office regularly, such as weekly or monthly. 

In addition to hiring a commercial cleaning service, some steps can be taken daily to maintain cleanliness. This can include regularly wiping surfaces, emptying trash cans, and washing dishes. Another option is to hire an office cleaning service to come in and take care of these tasks regularly. In addition to keeping the office clean, it is also important to implement regular office cleaning procedures, such as dusting, vacuuming, and mopping. These steps make it possible to create a clean and healthy work environment for all employees. 

Poor hygiene in the workplace can also lead to the spread of infectious diseases, such as the flu, and the common cold, and more severe illnesses, like COVID-19. This can cause high absenteeism and reduced employee productivity, negatively impacting an establishment's operations.

Poor hygiene practices can also lead to employee dissatisfaction and a high turnover rate, as employees may feel unsafe or uncomfortable working in a dirty or unsanitary environment.

It is important to remember that cleanliness is not just about appearances but also about creating a safe and healthy workplace for employees. Overall, a clean and well-maintained office can help to improve productivity and morale, making it worth the effort to prioritise cleanliness in the workplace.

How does hygiene affect the workplace?

Hygiene has a significant impact on the workplace. Absenteeism in Singapore can significantly impact the country's Gross National Income (GNI). According to the report on "Aging Workforce: Cost And Productivity Challenges Of Ill Health In Singapore" by Mercer, Marsh & McLennan Company's Asia Pacific Risk Centre (APRC), productivity loss due to sickness absenteeism per employee is projected to increase by 25% based on GNI (gross national income).

When employees are absent due to illness, it can lead to reduced productivity and business operational challenges. This can result in decreased output and revenue, which can hurt economic growth.

A clean and hygienic work environment promotes the health and well-being of employees, leading to increased productivity and morale. A clean and well-maintained workplace can increase productivity, as employees can focus on their tasks without being distracted by clutter or uncleanliness. 

Additionally, good hygiene practices can help prevent the spread of illness, as regular cleaning and disinfection can reduce the number of germs in the office. This is particularly important during cold and flu season when the risk of infection is higher. Maintaining good hygiene in the workplace makes it possible to create a healthy and productive work environment for all employees.


Integrated hygiene

A tailored approach for better hand, surface and air hygiene solutions to protect and prevent illness. These services are designed to work together to help break the chain of infection. Our experts will assess your sites and advise where hygiene solutions should be used.

Innovative hand hygiene

Good hand hygiene is one of the simplest and most effective ways to help stop the spread of germs. Our award-winning no-touch range of solutions for handwashing, drying and sanitising helps promote better hand hygiene practice inside and outside the washroom.

Air protection

Reducing the risk of airborne transmission of COVID-19 and other diseases is critical. Our VIRUSKILLER™ and InspireAir 72 HEPA 13 air purifiers are designed to improve air quality and stop the transmission of infectious diseases, making indoor spaces safer for everyone.

Precautionary disinfection

Precautionary disinfection services help maintain high levels of hygiene. Our highly trained technicians provide professional, regular disinfection services to protect businesses against infectious bacteria, viruses and disease.

Enhanced washrooms

Initial’s innovative range of hygiene solutions enhance washrooms, lobbies, restaurants and communal areas. The Signature washroom product range combines style with functionality, helping to redefine hygiene standards for washroom environments.

Cost effective and reliable

Our services and solutions have been designed to provide ongoing value, lower running costs and enable predictable expenditure. They reduce consumable waste and are easy to service and clean. Flexible service scheduling ensures solutions are stocked correctly and available when you need them.

Quality hygiene solutions to keep your staff protected

Facilities managers can ensure end-to-end premise needs are met with the best possible hygiene solutions to help protect the health of employees and visitors. 

Initial's tailored hygiene solutions are expertly designed to meet the requirements of your business so your premises remain hygienic and productive.

How to sanitise office equipment? 

Sanitising office equipment is integral to maintaining a clean and hygienic work environment. To effectively sanitise office equipment, it is crucial first to clean it with a suitable cleaning solution. This can help to remove any dirt or debris that may be present on the surface of the equipment. 

Once the equipment has been cleaned, it can be sanitised using a disinfectant. It is essential to use a disinfectant appropriate for the equipment being sanitised and follow the instructions on the disinfectant label. Suppose you are uncomfortable or need the necessary supplies to sanitise your office equipment. 

In that case, you may want to consider hiring a professional cleaning service. These services are trained in the proper techniques for cleaning and disinfecting office equipment. They can ensure that it is done effectively and safely. Many professional cleaning services in Singapore can help sanitise your office equipment and maintain a clean and hygienic work environment.


Clean, safe air is more important than ever. Our air purification solutions can remove up to 99.9999% of airborne particles, including respiratory droplets.

Washroom hygiene

Our washroom solutions help enhance user experience and minimise the risk of cross-contamination throughout the facility.

Our surface hygiene services disinfect and sanitise surfaces, equipment and floors with effective solutions that can kill up to 99.99% of bacteria and viruses.

Hand hygiene

An award-winning range of hand hygiene products and hand soaps and sanitisers, formulated to be highly effective against bacteria and viruses.

Disrupt the journey of the germ

Good hygiene practices are essential for disrupting the transmission of germs and protecting premises and the people in them from further risks, especially at cross-contamination hotspots.

Watch the journey of the germ video to see how easily frequently touched surfaces can be a source of transmission to staff and customers.


Office hygiene insights

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