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How to keep toilet smelling fresh all day

Would it be possible to keep a toilet smelling fresh all day long? A nice smelling washroom not only gives you an enjoyable time you spend in there, it also creates an environment which enhances the ambiance; promoting a positive mood and response.

Yet, washrooms with high number of visits makes cleaning and maintenance a challenge. How do you keep a toilet smelling fresh all day? We have 5 really simple pointers to show you how.

  • Avoid keeping damp towels in there

Damp wet towels placed in the washroom not only give off a mold musty smell, the moisture trapped in the towels invites bacteria and germs to thrive in there. With germs and bacteria growth, unpleasant smells start to come out of it.

Always sun wet towels or place them under high heat to make sure they are crispy dry before having them back in a closed environment, in this case, the bathroom, washroom, or toilet cubicle.

  • Keep toilet bowl clean, like duh?

Toilet bowls are more often than not, thought to be the main source of bad smells because well, that’s where you dump all your ‘business’ in there right. So, one sure way to keep toilet smelling fresh all day is therefore trying to keep the toilet bowl clean. And by saying clean, we mean that besides the action of a simple flushing; ensure that there is a sanitizer solution dispensed along with each time you press down the button. This prevents built up of lime-scale and bacteria.

Discover the importance of a professional urinal sanitizer here.

  • Flush with the lid down

The simple reason is because when you flush with the toilet bowl lid down, you prevent the droplets of germs from spreading all around with that strong gushing action. Consider washing and cleaning the cover lid more frequently then.

  • Let there be ventilation

Good air ventilation means having fresh air in place from time to time. This is important if you want to keep a toilet smelling fresh all day long. Without fresh air coming in to replace bad stale air inside, bad smells are inevitably trapped. Installing electric fans and air circulator are ways you are able to keep the air fresh and flowing in the washroom.


  • Explore professional scenting options

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