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Top 5 common drainage problems

Drainage problems have always been an ongoing issue in residential, commercial or indu, or strial environments. While most problems are minor enough to ignore or live with, drainage issues can escalate to significant reconstruction and investment.

Drainage problems often start with signs of breakdown, such as seeing the kitchen sink will not drain. And this will happen more frequently.

Why you should worry about drainage problems

A blockage can cause structural damage. This can lead to costly repairs, operational disruptions such as temporary closure or diversion, and environmental unpleasantness such as floods and sewage spills of foul odor.

More importantly, protecting brand reputation should remain a top business priority.

Here are the top 5 common drainage issues


Slow-draining sinks, clogged drains, and toilet bowls with poor draining functions are some signs of blocked drainage. They are primarily caused by coffee grounds, hair, tissues, fat, and other oil residues flushed down inappropriately.

Quick fixes such as downing hot water or liquid cleaning solutions and applying pressure and suction with a plunger can provide temporary relief. However, escalated complications should be corrected by professional drainage companies.

Broken or displaced joints

The movement of the ground, caused by ground instability or drainage repairs, can cause displacement or damage to your pipes. These result in leaks and, worse, structural damage where pilinesose structural support and collapse.

Solution: Relining pipelines without excavation and the convenience of repairing localized damage or relining joints where digging may not be necessary.


Drainage systems are constantly exposed to wear and tear that eventually cause fractures to the pipes. These cracks are typically located near the joints where wastewater can leak through, flow into the lower, surrounding areas, and weaken their structure.

Solution: It can be challenging to identify fractures deep within. If you suspect cracks or fractures in your drainage system, you can request an inspection from a company specializing in drain maintenance and servicing.

Root Intrusions

In rare instances, tree roots surrounding water lines may burrow deep into the ground and hit the drainage pipelines. They often penetrate through the joints, puncturing holes in the pipework, thus causing blockages that may lead to severe problems.

Implication: Wastewater and foul odor will seep out, trapping debris such as hair, tissue papers, and fats, putting the pipes at risk of bursting.

Collapsed sections of pipe

A collapsed pipe disallows wastewater to flow appropriately and causes leaking to the surrounding area. This means elevating other problems, such as promoting mold growth, weakening the ground structure, and attracting pests such as rats, mosquitoes, and flies.

Note: In the event of a collapsed pipe, an immediate repair should be in order.

When should you consider professional drainage companies?

Some evaluation questions include if your multiple DIY fixes didn't work. If the problem turns worse, or if physical and environmental signs are showing, such as visible damages and fouls, poor drainage functioning, and even the presence of pests such as cockroaches, rats, and drain flies.

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