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Paper hand towel dispenser

Order scheduled deliveries of paper towels and make sure you never run out. We’ll assess your needs and work out a schedule based on an assessment of your usage.

Human interaction and cross contamination happens daily be it in a washroom, business or leisure environment. Wet hands are well-known to attract bacteria, but you can help stop the spread in a washroom by making hand drying a priority.

Bacteria can stay alive on hands for up to 3 hours! Combat bacteria and germs on hands with Initial cleverly designed antibacterial paper towel dispensers.


Paper towel dispenser

Signature core range

Paper towel dispenser with antibacterial surface – durable, efficient and delivers 200 individual towels to reduce unnecessary waste.

  • Controlled dispensing to reduce waste.
  • Antibacterial surface to inhibit the growth of bacteria.
  • Tamper-proof lockable cover.
  • Keeps towels dry and free from contamination.
  • Viewing window helps checking paper levels.


  • Capacity: 200 individual paper towels.
  • Dimensions standard: H 430mm x W 330mm x D 161mm.
  • Weight: 1.9kg.


  • Variety of paper options to suit your requirements.
  • All paper is environmentally friendly and compliant with Eco Flower or Nordic Swan accreditation.

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