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7 Quick Facts on Bacteria on Hands

1. Damps hands spread 1,000 times more bacteria than dry hands.

2. Bacteria can stay alive on hands for up to 3 hours

3. In just 7 hours, 1 bacteria on your hand can generate 2,097,152 bacteria!

4. Research shows that regular handwashing or sanitising can help decrease illness by 50%

5. Transmission of illnesses by hands is a major issue with children, touching their nose and mouth after coming into contact with an infected surface.

6. Poor hand hygiene results in transmission of diseases or cross contamination. As a result, cross contamination may most likely impact absenteeism and affects productivity.

7. When you enter a washroom, the key hotspots for hands to come into bacteria include the toilet seat, cubicle door handle, flush button and exit door handle.

Is hand soap and water enough? A healthy Hand care hygiene may start with simple hand soap and water, yet these are not enough to provide adequate protection against viruses, germs and bacteria in the complex environment. Key hotspots besides those found in a washroom, appear in our everyday work and living spaces and they include your workstation desk, the phone, photocopier, pantry fridge door and even a chair handle.

To combat the conventional idea of ‘hand soap and water is enough’, a no-touch hand sanitizer is able to encourage users to adopt this into their hand care hygiene regime with its convenience optimized with technology, making this 3-step routine possible. Engage a user optimally when a no-touch hand sanitizer is strategically placed in locations for example, in an office, a factory or even high dependent industries.  

Why we love a no-touch hand sanitizer (And you should, too!)- Besides catering for better hygiene needs by placing a hand sanitizer outside the washroom for users, a no-touch hand sanitizer is able to provide that extra protection and reassurance. Because no-touch means no surface contact, and without surface contact, there is no opportunity for bacteria on hands to result in cross contamination risks.

Furthermore, with an effective hand sanitizer which kills 99.9% of germs on hands, washroom users are reassured with top hygiene standards that eliminate any possible potential risks!

Initial Hygiene is the specialist in raising hygiene standards as we understand that your health and safety protection could be one of the challenging key priorities. Partner with us to elevate your hand care standards professionally with Initial today, drop us a quick online form.