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4 healthy toilet habits you can start today

Every day we use the toilet with little thinking. We bring along our bad habits with our toilet visits. Some people like to have long chats over the phone in the cubicle, while others want to make their toilet visits start and end in less than 10 seconds.

To cultivate a pleasant and positive environment, we could become more considerate washroom users and be more mindful of our washroom behavior. Here are some healthy toilet habits you can start to adopt today.

  1. Don't bring the phone(s) inside

    Texts, emails, calls, and games… indeed, do not demand attention from you while you spend 1 minute away from the desk? When you bring your phone to the toilet, you are less mindful of what's happening around you and risk contaminating the phone with lots of germs and bacteria. People who play games on their mobile phones hog the toilet cubicle for a long time, making it inconsiderate for other users in urgent need.

    And when you are less mindful of your surroundings, a wet floor may pose a particular risk of a slip and fall if you are preoccupied with the phone and become careless with the slippery surface. Leave those phone(s) behind and make your toilet trip with peace of mind.
  2. Don't be in a rush to start and finish

    A washroom is often a high-traffic hotspot with people coming in and out, desperate to start and finish their toilet business as quickly as possible. Many people run and barge into the washroom unexpectedly. This is especially dangerous when young kids stand behind the door; they could be hurt.

    Being in a rush means you would also be doing your business in haste in the long term, which could be unhealthy for the body. And when you are in a great hurry, likely, you cannot be bothered to clean up after the mess. With such lousy toilet habits, who will help clean up after you?

    Looking after your hygiene appears bare, yet it could be rare among some individuals who do not care to clean up the toilet seat cover they have deliberately stained and disposed of their waste inappropriately. A used sanitary napkin should not end up in the standard waste paper bin outside but should be disposed of carefully in the correct feminine hygiene unit.
  3. Don't squat on the toilet seat

    While squatting on the toilet seat may seem like a more frequent thing you would see happening in the past, you would be surprised to see some cases still today. Squatting on the toilet seat or the toilet seat cover not only makes the whole place seems dirty, it dramatically inconveniences the following user.

    You may risk injuring yourself should you fall off while squatting dangerously over it. Solution: Use a toilet seat cleaner to sanitize before use. Initial toilet seat cleaner gives washroom users extra assurance and confidence when using public facilities.
  4. Wash your hands with soap, and dry them before heading out

    Nowadays, it is common to find someone heading straight out of the washroom and not washing their hands after use. If you do not wash your hands, you should be aware that you can spread diarrheal diseases, infections, and viruses o, once you step out of the washroom and back to your workstation! While most users these days wash their hands after visiting the toilet, most do not use hand soap.

    Washing your hands with soap is equally essential to kill off germs and bacteria your hands would have been contaminated with from the various bacteria hotspots such as the cubicle door handle and toilet bowl flush handle/ button.

    And if you want to avoid your hand-washing efforts coming to waste for nothing, dry wet hands thoroughly with a jet hand dryer or paper towel dispenser before heading out. This is because wet hands can pick up germs again, with these damp hands spreading 1,000 times more bacteria than dry hands!

    Click here to read some interesting facts about the Reasons for Drying Hands After Washing.

    Healthy toilet habits and good personal hygiene should be encouraged in every workplace culture to protect the community safe from unnecessary illnesses. Did you happen to know? A washroom should have adequate facilities to help in promoting good washroom user behavior in the long run. Initial Hygiene is the expert in washroom facilities to help alleviate your worries.

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