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8 interesting facts to know about feminine hygiene unit

Women make up 48.5% of the global labour force. Over the years, it has become a mandatory provision for feminine hygiene in all workplaces.

Here in Singapore , businesses are starting to provide a better work environment for women. They are also looking to invest in washroom hygiene services for them.

As a leader in providing feminine hygiene solutions in Singapore, we discuss the things you need to know about menstrual hygiene.

Female hygiene has been a neglect in the past.

Menstrual hygiene & female needs have been neglected in the past.

Inadequate washroom facilities can hamper productivity

With toilets designed without considering feminine hygiene needs, getting a period can be stressful for women. This includes mental and physical health and well-being, let alone facilities to meet these hygiene needs.

Women in the workforce need access to washroom hygiene services

Women also need access to facilities where they can change and wash as well as dispose of sanitary materials discreetly and hygienically—and here is where washroom hygiene units come in.

Washroom hygiene units offer a discreet way to manage menstrual waste

Women are encouraged to change to a fresh sanitary pad every 4 hours, therefore it means they will use at least 2 pads within an average workday. Moreover, the need to dispose them in regular intervals. A dedicated sanitary bin can help collect these wastes separately, which more than discretion offers many health benefits.

They are not your typical waste bin

While you may think that a feminine hygiene unit is just another normal waste bin, it actually has several factors that separate it from a typical disposal unit. For one, it has auto sensors that eliminate unnecessary contact with the bin, hence a higher level of hygiene protection for users.

They do more than just managing wastes

Aside from its no-touch system, a feminine hygiene unit can also come equipped with integral antibacterial technology. This prevents the spread of bacteria. The scented unit liners help to deliver a continuous, pleasant fragrance and mask odours.

They come in stylish colours, too

But, more than functionality, feminine hygiene units boast a wide range of colours too. Colours can support the aesthetics of a washroom. More importantly, to match the colours of a brand.

Private companies have a role to play in promoting feminine hygiene

Business should develop washroom regulations and standards in the workplace. Also, this includes giving women access to facilities that are equipped for better menstrual management. You should look into feminine sanitary disposals and automatic (no-touch) sanitary bins to support your move.

These amenities can serve as a great reminder to observe adequate hygiene habits in the workplace. As a result, this can help to dispose sanitary pads hygienically.

Everyone will benefit from improving female washroom facilities in the workplace

Period-friendly facilities may be small, but they are significant steps to promote a better workplace. Ultimately, it enhance your brand image and reputation.

Initial Singapore, we offer a range of Initial Sanitary products. We aim to minimise the risk of cross-contamination and the spread of bacteria.

Adopt optimal feminine hygiene solutions today. Contact us at +6560129715 or visit our website to learn more.

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