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Air conditioner maintenance for your business and home

Our air conditioner expert technicians can help maintain your air conditioning systems, ensuring optimal performance and non-polluted indoor air

Poorly maintained, dirty air-conditioners have an adverse impact on the performance of your air conditioning units. If the airflow in your unit is blocked by dust & grime - it results in a low flow of air. This causes your unit to work harder resulting in an increase in energy consumption & a reduced volume of cool air being released. This may lead to more frequent AC repairs, frequent breakdowns & shorten the life span of your unit. It can also lead to compromised air quality in your home or office. 

Air conditioning systems are the ideal hot spot for mould growth with Singapore’s high humidity, threatening your health by circulating millions of spores in the air you breathe. Dirty filters can trap mould, bacteria & pathogens which can be transmitted in your room by the air conditioning systems.

Our highly trained team will conduct a thorough inspection of your surfaces for mould infestations. Our qualified mould experts conduct a visual inspection with the use of a digital depstech endoscopic camera to determine the presence of mould & suggest the most suitable corrective action for your home or office to help keep the air in your home healthy.

Explore our air conditioner maintenance solutions

Our specialist air conditioning maintenance services are carried out by our expert technicians who chemically clean the AC systems to remove dirt, dust & mould using effective, FDA-approved, low-tox chemical cleaning solutions. Having mould growth in your air conditioning system can be detrimental to the health of your employees or loved ones. Initial Hygiene’s air conditioning solution will regularly maintain the health of your air conditioning systems, on top of diagnosing and treatment. 

Our service package includes:

  • Free assessment of your air conditioning systems
  • Assessment report with recommendations
  • Mould remediation service
  • Service report

We service commercial and residential air conditioning units, ranging from fan coil and cassette units, to split air conditioning with the following services.


The presence of mould can often go undetected but if left untreated, over time it may trigger allergies and symptoms such as a runny nose, congestion, coughing, skin rashes & itchiness. Infants, people with asthma, allergies & COPD & immuno-compromised people may be more susceptible to the adverse effects of mould.

Our highly trained team will conduct a thorough inspection of your surfaces for mould infestations. Our qualified mould experts conduct a visual inspection with the use of a digital depstech endoscopic camera to determine the presence of mould. 

A detailed inspection report will be provided covering all aspects of the mould found- from the regions of infestation to the treatments and processes & actions that need to be taken to help remove it effectively. Photos & videos will be provided in the report.

Breakdowns and repairs

From leaky air conditioning units to complete malfunctions, Initial Hygiene’s qualified air conditioning technicians can repair, maintain & deep-clean your air conditioners to help you maintain good indoor quality. Our air conditioning expert technicians run comprehensive diagnostic tests to diagnose and fix your air conditioning systems. We service the following types of aircon in Singapore:

  • Wall-mounted or window-mounted aircon
  • Ceiling mounted air conditioners
  • Ceiling suspended unit air conditioners
  • Ducted airconditioning systems

Mould removal

We target mould at its root, professionally dismantling and expertly remediating mould and contaminants in air conditioning systems using FDA-approved treatment solutions and cutting edge technology. 

Thereafter, mould-inhibiting disinfectant is also applied to prevent or slow down mould growth in air conditioning systems, going beyond conventional air conditioning systems servicing.


Maintenance and servicing

Air conditioners drive the air circulation in your facility, and their performance directly impacts the health of your employees or loved ones. An unserviced air conditioning system is prone to mould growth and may spread millions of allergenic spores into the air you breathe. 



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