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Five stores that smell good

In 1998, Joseph Pine and James Gilmore coined the term ‘The Experience Economy’, describing a future where, in order to stand out, businesses should create memorable events for their customers.

Well, two decades on, it’s happening. Rather than simply being a place for functional transactions, forward thinking retailers are starting to create ‘experiences’ instore – including, of course, scenting. Here’s a handful of shops that smell good….

1. Pandora 

Jewellery brand Pandora introduced ambient scenting in its stores, courtesy of the Premium Scenting collection, the object being to enhance the shopping experience and create a great atmosphere

“We’ve created a relaxed and comfortable shopping experience and believe that our scenting programme has helped us stand out from competitors,”

 Agnieszka Pietrzak, for Pandora.

2. Media Markt

Media Markt, Europe’s leading electronic retailer, installed Premium Scenting across their store environment to bolster the immersive retail offer.  Board Member Barry B von Ruiven describes the impact of scent:

“For Media Markt, brand experience is everything. Premium Scenting is delivering a service that we call customer experience. In the white goods section we installed Premium Scenting and after six weeks we saw a lift of of sales by 40%. That’s a pretty good success. We are moving from a transactional basis to a relationship with our customer. If you want to build an emotional relationship, you have to use emotional tools.”

Barry B von Ruiven

3. Tigerlily

Australian swimwear and clothing brand Tigerlily scents its stores with coconut and lime. The two elements were chosen and blended to offer a summery scent, delivering a whiff of the perfect beach holiday …

4. Samsung

Turning round the preconception that tech smells bad, Korean electronic giant Samsung has long used scent in its flagship stores. One signature scent used has been ‘Intimate Blue’, which the brand calls ‘crisp, sharp and evocative’… reinforcing the exceptional and unique qualities of the brand.’ It’s gender neutral.

5. Kooples

The Kooples fashion chain uses scent marketing to increase dwell time. One of its scents is called 66, which it calls “mix of modernism and classic elegance” which aims to complement the coolness of the brand.

And finally…

We’ve seen airlines have signature scents, but bus companies? Not so much. Which is why it’s great news that Singapore public bus operator Tower Transit is to unveil a signature scent on 100 of its buses, to entice people on board.  It’s said to contain hints of rose and peppermint.

In its recent innovative multisensory research, Premium Scenting revealed that scent significantly increases consumer involvement in experiences by a margin of 38 per cent.


Our latest research based findings provide new insight on consumer responses to smell, and highlight how retail spaces can apply experiential and scent marketing to enhance the customer experience 


Premium Scenting

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