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Hand hygiene solutions for your business

Our industry-leading range of hand hygiene products includes antimicrobial soaps, sanitisers, hand lotions and a range of hand drying solutions.

Providing staff, visitors and customers with high-quality hand hygiene facilities can help to encourage a positive hand hygiene culture and gives the assurance that businesses care about their health and well-being, keeping people safe from bacterial and viral infections.

Our award-winning Signature range of hand hygiene solutions includes sensor technologies for automated dispensing and antimicrobial surfaces to prevent bacterial growth. In high-footfall areas, our smart washroom technology can help improve operational efficiency and optimise the use of consumables.


Signature range

Discover the all-encompassing Signature range of washroom products by Initial - from feminine hygiene units to no-touch hand soap dispensers, we have you covered.

Reflection range

A range of premium washroom products designed to elevate hygiene and aesthetics. Choose Reflection for a combination of functionality, hygiene, and elegance that leaves a lasting impression.

Embrace the future of hygiene with Initial Smart Hygiene

Discover the cutting-edge hygiene solutions of Initial's Smart Hygiene range. Our innovative technology and intelligent systems redefine hygiene and efficiency. From smart hand hygiene solutions to air and surface purification, Smart Hygiene ensures a safer environment.


By providing the right facilities in key hygiene hotspots such as washrooms, kitchens, and food preparation areas, businesses can encourage handwashing compliance among employees and minimize the risk of cross-contamination. 

Initial offers anti-microbial soaps that can kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, which are gentle on the skin and can be used frequently. 

These soaps, combined with no-touch technology, offer the most hygienic way to dispense soap and a superior handwashing experience that reduces the chance of catching and spreading infectious diseases.

Hand drying

Effective hand-drying solutions are crucial for maintaining hand hygiene on-premises, as wet hands carry a greater risk of cross-contamination than dry hands, spreading 1,000 times more bacteria to surfaces. 

Initial offers a range of hand-drying solutions, including no-touch paper towel dispensers, traditional paper towel and linen dispensers, as well as electric hand dryers. These hand-drying solutions effectively reduce the amount of moisture and the number of microorganisms left on the hands after washing, helping to maintain hand hygiene.

Hand moisturising

Initial offers a mild, fragrance-free hand lotion to protect skin from frequent hand washing. Dermatologically tested, the quick-absorbing lotion contains shea butter, vitamin E, and glycerin to hydrate hands. Its fragrance and colour-free formulation reduces allergens, making it suitable for sensitive skin.

Hand sanitising

Initial provides alcohol and non-alcohol-based hand sanitiser solutions that offer protection from bacteria and viruses for up to 6 hours. Mobile stands and no-touch dispensers offer flexibility and convenience in high-traffic areas and key hygiene hotspots. The solutions can kill 99.99% of bacteria and coronavirus*

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