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Hygiene services for Facilities Management companies

Innovative solutions to help facilities management companies ensure high hygiene standards, protecting staff, visitors, customers, and business premises through comprehensive hygiene management services.

At Initial Hygiene, we understand the challenges facilities management companies face in maintaining top hygiene standards. Our tailored services ensure safe and healthy environments in offices, factories, and schools. 

As leaders in commercial hygiene, we offer practical, transparent, and reliable solutions that align with your services, driving profitable growth and reassuring your clients. With expert technicians worldwide, we provide practical advice and comprehensive hygiene solutions, delivered professionally, consistently and reliably across 60 countries.

Our hygiene services for Facilities companies

At Initial Hygiene, we offer a range of hygiene services tailored to the needs of facilities management companies. Our services are designed to address all aspects of facilities and hygiene management, ensuring comprehensive coverage and maximum protection.

Integrated hygiene management

Our tailored hygiene services offer comprehensive hand, surface, and air hygiene solutions designed to work together to prevent illness and break the chain of infection. Our experts assess your sites and recommend precise hygiene measures, ensuring optimal protection for your facility.

Innovative hand hygiene solutions

Promote better hand hygiene practices with our award-winning, no-touch handwashing, drying, and sanitising solutions. These advanced systems, suitable for inside and outside the washroom, help stop the spread of germs, ensuring a healthier environment for everyone.

Air protection

Improve indoor air quality and reduce the risk of airborne disease transmission with our state-of-the-art air purifiers. Our VIRUSKILLER™ and InspireAir 72 HEPA 13 devices are engineered to stop the spread of infectious diseases, making your indoor spaces safer.

Precautionary disinfection services

Maintain high hygiene standards with our professional disinfection services. Our trained technicians provide regular, thorough disinfection to protect against bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens, ensuring a consistently safe and clean environment.

Enhanced washroom standards

Elevate the hygiene standards of your washrooms and communal areas with Initial’s innovative product range. Our stylish and functional Signature range ensures a superior hygiene experience, enhancing your facility's reputation.

Cost-effective and reliable services

Benefit from our solutions, designed for value and efficiency. Our services help reduce consumable waste, lower running costs, and ensure predictable expenditure. With flexible service scheduling, we ensure your hygiene solutions are always well-stocked and functional when you need them.

The importance of hygiene management in Facilities

Effective hygiene management is critical in facilities management. A clean and hygienic environment enhances the well-being of occupants and positively affects the reputation of the facilities management company. Poor hygiene can spread infections, which can have profound health implications and affect the overall functionality of the facility. By implementing robust hygiene practices, facilities management companies can ensure a safe and productive environment.

Key areas of focus in Facilities Management:

Common areas

High-traffic areas such as lobbies, corridors, and restrooms require frequent cleaning and sanitisation to prevent the spread of germs.


Offices, meeting rooms, and other workspaces need regular disinfection to maintain a healthy environment.


Proper restroom hygiene is crucial as these areas are prone to harbouring bacteria and viruses.

Break rooms and kitchens

Ensuring cleanliness in these areas helps prevent foodborne illnesses and promotes a healthy workplace.

HVAC systems

Regular maintenance of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems is essential to ensure good air quality and prevent the spread of airborne infections.

Why partner with Initial Hygiene?

At Initial, our experts are dedicated to ensuring the highest hygiene, cleanliness and safety standards in your business environment. Recognising that each business is unique, we prioritise conducting a thorough inspection before recommending any treatment or service solution. This approach allows us to address your specific challenges, ensuring our hygiene management solutions are perfectly suited to your needs.

Choose Initial for a hassle-free experience, environmentally-sensitive solutions, and a commitment to the highest standards of service and safety.

1. Hygiene assessment

Hassle-free hygiene survey and consultation

  • Prompt response from local expert hygiene surveyors
  • On-site hygiene risk review and consultancy
  • Detailed inspection adhering to health and safety guidelines, focusing on your business's specific hygiene needs.

2. Tailored solutions

Customised hygiene solutions for your business

  • Hygiene solutions tailored to the unique requirements of your business
  • Award-winning products compliant with all hygiene and environmental regulations
  • Quick and discreet installation, ensuring minimal disruption to your business operations

3. Maintenance and aftercare

Ongoing support of hygiene excellence

  • (For Global Account customers) Dedicated Account Manager for continuous support and query resolution
  • Regularly scheduled account reviews and on-site hygiene audits
  • Access to market-leading technologies and innovations for continuous improvement in hygiene standards
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Initial Hygiene improve hand hygiene in facilities?

We provide award-winning, no-touch solutions for handwashing, drying, and sanitising. These promote better hand hygiene practices and reduce the spread of germs inside and outside the washroom.

What air protection solutions do Initial offer?

Our VIRUSKILLER™ and InspireAir 72 HEPA 13 air purifiers improve indoor air quality and reduce the risk of airborne disease transmission, making indoor spaces safer for everyone.

Are Initial’s services cost-effective?

Our services are designed to provide ongoing value, lower running costs, and ensure predictable expenditure. We offer flexible service scheduling to ensure hygiene solutions are well-stocked and functional when needed.

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