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Hygiene services for Food & Beverage Processing

Initial provides innovative hygiene solutions tailored for food and beverage processing businesses, ensuring superior safety and hygiene standards for staff, equipment, and facilities.

At Initial, we prioritise hygiene in every facet of food and beverage processing. Recognizing the vital need for impeccable hygiene standards in this industry, we are driven by innovation and robust R&D to design solutions that ensure safety, prevent contamination, and uphold rigorous manufacturing practices. 

As hygiene experts operating in 65 countries, we deliver tailored services that not only support compliance and quality assurance but also instil confidence in employees about their workplace safety. Partner with us to safeguard your business reputation and promote a hygienic, safe working environment.


Comprehensive hygiene solutions tailored for the Food & Beverage industry

In the fast-paced and demanding Food and Beverage sector, hygiene can never be compromised. Recognising this vital need, Initial presents an all-encompassing range of services that cater specifically to this industry. From our in-depth site assessments to our recommendations on optimal placement and frequency of hygiene solutions, our aim is singular: a 360-degree approach to ensuring maximum protection.

Whether you need services inside the washroom or beyond, our skilled technicians uphold the highest standards of discretion and efficiency and our Global Account management team seamlessly coordinates across regions to guarantee you get consistent quality and a single point of contact for all your concerns.

From scientifically backed industry solutions to state-of-the-art air purifiers and trusted disinfection services, partner with Initial for a safer, cleaner, and more productive working environment.

Integrated hygiene solutions

Initial's integrated hygiene offers tailored solutions for hand, surface, and air cleanliness. Expert site assessments ensure optimal solution placement for maximum protection against illnesses.

Cost-effective and reliable services

Initial services are efficient and trustworthy. Our services and solutions reduce consumable waste, providing ongoing value, lower running costs and enable predictable expenditure. Flexible service scheduling ensures solutions are stocked correctly - and always available when you need them.

Service transparency at your fingertips

Through our myInitial  customer portal, gain instant access to comprehensive service histories and account details. Empower your team with real-time information, ensuring full transparency and immediate insights into our service performance.

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Your local hygiene experts

Initial offers tailored commercial hygiene services in over 60 countries worldwide. Discover products, services, and pricing specific to your country's business needs.

With over 38,000 employees worldwide, Initial helps businesses manage hygiene risks, create safer environments, and promote healthier workplaces to protect the reputation of the brand, staff, and end-users.