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Washroom hygiene solutions

Our washroom solutions help enhance user experience and minimise the risk of cross-contamination throughout the facility.

One of the biggest high-risk areas for any business is the washroom. Frequently touched surfaces can become reservoirs for microorganisms and pathogens and there are many potential risks arising out of recontamination of hands from contaminated surfaces.

Our innovative range of washroom solutions combined with a proactive service ensure your needs are consistently met to a high standard. We take care of the essentials that keep businesses running so our customers can focus on what they do best.


No-touch hygiene solutions

Transient organisms are easily transmitted to people and inanimate surfaces, such as internal door handles and cubicles. When touched, these germs can be easily transferred person to person, surface to person or via the air.

Initial’s no-touch hygiene solutions for handwashing, drying, sanitising and disposal of sanitary waste have built-in sensor technology so you can operate them without touching any part of the device.

Surfaces in washrooms can be ideal reservoirs for microorganisms spread by toilet plume and people’s hands. Our no-touch solutions reduce the number of touchpoints required to use the washroom.



Washroom ranges

It’s important that you keep your staff and customers safe, minimise risk and create hygienic environments across your facility. Their awareness of the importance of hygiene will have increased over the last few months and your business will need to provide reassurance and cater for these increased expectations.

Our complete range of expertly developed washroom hygiene solutions feature matching units ensuring a cohesive appearance throughout your washroom. Products and solutions across our ranges include feminine hygiene units and waste management, soap and hand drying dispensers and a range of solutions for cubicles.

We also have a range of advanced air care solutions to help you target malodour and filter the air to keep it fresh.

Initial Signature range of washroom products

Redefining washroom hygiene standards with our Signature range

The Initial award-winning Signature range of washroom products sets a new benchmark for hygiene excellence and design innovation.

Designed with clean, seamless curves, the Signature range offers a suite of products delivering high standards of hygiene while blending effortlessly into any washroom environment.

Quality throughout the range is of a consistently high standard with products constructed to be both tough and durable with an integral antimicrobial surface that helps reduce the spread of germs.

The intuitive and user friendly design makes the Signature range suitable for any washroom environment.

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Initial washroom products in a modern washroom environment

Reflection, premium stainless steel range

Your image is one of the most important assets owned by your business. From your chosen décor, to your preferred brand of coffee, every detail has been carefully considered and selected to reflect your image.

Initial Hygiene understands that your customers expect a certain style and standard from the moment they first walk through the door, and that every detail builds your reputation – no matter how small. This is why Initial developed Reflection, a contemporary range of premium stainless steel washroom products.

Crafted from the finest grade stainless steel and styled to blend discreetly into your washroom environment, each product in the range is sleek, robust and easy to maintain, allowing you to deliver high levels of hygiene without compromising on style.

The Reflection range includes an air freshener, soap dispensers, paper towel dispenser, toilet seat cleaner, urinal and WC sanitiser, waste bin and a no-touch sanitary disposal bin. A stainless steel hand dryer complementary to the range is also available.

Initial Signature colour range of washroom products

Signature COLOUR

Signature COLOUR is helping make personalised washrooms the new standard, harnessing the power of colour to truly reflect the personality of your brand. 

Giving customers and employees a consistent experience that positively reflects your brand values could help your brand stand out from the competition, influence perceptions, encourage repeat visits and increase productivity.

Combining all the innovative features and superior hygiene qualities from the award-winning Signature range, a wide selection of products are available in a choice of nine striking colours in matt or gloss finishes, which are specifically developed to evoke an ambient influence in your washroom.

This exclusive Signature range has been awarded the Red Dot Design Award for product design excellence and the President's Design Award for Product innovation and design excellence.


Washroom hygiene insights

Initial offers a diverse range of hand hygiene products, including antibacterial soaps, sanitisers, moisturisers, and various hand drying options.

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