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Is scent the key to happy customers and happy brands?

In this latest video Christophe Laudamiel, Master Perfumer, discusses the powerful relationship between scent, our sense of smell, and our emotions.

The emotional recall produced by a particular smell, your scent memory, is far more powerful than the recall created by any of our other senses, like sound.

It is clear that scent marketing, or fragrance marketing, provides brands with the opportunity to enhance customer experiences and drive brand loyalty.


How do scents affect customers?

Scent can transport you in time and in space, to trigger a positive emotional response. Whilst it is impossible to control where the scent memory takes you, it’s effect can be very beneficial and long-lasting.

Scent memory

Our sense of smell is one of our most powerful senses. There is a scientifically proven link in our brains between memory and smell

It is said that scent can help you remember things vividly. In fact, Laudamiel goes on to say that scent is like a “three-dimensional memory” that is very precise and can be remembered for a long time.

washroom appliances being used

The psychological effect of scents can potentially alter moods, behaviours, and responses, and herein li

What opportunity does scent marketing bring for brands?

Brands need to be aware of scent memory and the opportunity it brings to connect with customers on an emotional level.

food court

With its power to create strong emotional connections, scent can and should be at the heart of brands, much like a mission statement, company values and people.

Luxury and premium hotel brands are already using scent to enhance the decor in a hotel, to elevate the mood of guests to create a more pleasant and memorable experience. The positive consumer response to smell can deliver real business benefit for brands.

Latest research based findings provide new insight on consumer responses to smell, and highlight the business impact of experiential marketing and scenting.


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