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Healthcare cleaning and hygiene solutions for your business

Innovative hygiene solutions to help health services ensure high hygiene standards to protect staff, patients and equipment.

Avoiding cross-contamination in the healthcare sector should be a top priority. It’s important for healthcare providers to reduce the risk of infections and encourage high standards of hygiene in staff and visitors.

Close interaction means germs can circulate quickly and, with a high turnover of people in their care, practitioners such as physiotherapists, dentists and spa consultants could find it difficult to practise high standards of personal hygiene to protect clients.

Our integrated hygiene solutions, such as hygienic door handles, no-touch dispensers and kind-to-the-skin soaps, will help to minimise cross-contamination and help prevent infections while reassuring staff, customers and visitors.

Supporting health service businesses during the coronavirus pandemic

With innovative hygiene expertise, Initial can help health services deal with the effects of COVID-19 and keep employees protected from the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses.

Delivering hygiene with complete confidence

Reassure employees and customers that your premises are not just clean, but hygienically safe too.

Helping you be prepared for the new world

Read our return to work ebook for help getting your office ready for the ‘new normal’.

Specialist disinfection services

We offer disinfection services, though our sister company Rentokil, tailored to your office’s needs.

Ensuring high levels of hygiene in health services

It’s never been more important to help healthcare providers mitigate the risk of infections. Particular attention needs to be paid to the following high-risk areas.

Reception and entrance areas

High-traffic areas such as reception rooms and entrances are a hotspot for germs. Providing hand sanitisers will help mitigate this risk.

Practitioner rooms

Treatment rooms could be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria without surface hygiene solutions in place to clean and disinfect these areas.


Communal areas such as canteens and kitchens can harbour germs. In these areas, hand and surface hygiene solutions are vital.


Toilet seats, sinks and flush handles can transmit germs. No-touch handwashing facilities in these areas are key to protecting staff and visitors.

Health service staff

Hand soap, drying solutions and hand sanitisers should be available to help stop the journey of the germ between staff and patients.

Payment facilities

Germs can spread via payment facilities such as tills and card readers. Using hand sanitisers in conjunction with surface hygiene practices is vital to stopping the spread.

Industry-leading hygiene solutions for health services

Initial’s range of innovative hygiene solutions can help to ensure healthcare providers reduce the risk of infections and encourage high standards of hygiene in staff and visitors.

Our industry-leading solutions are backed by data and scientific evidence. We provide innovations such as intelligent no-touch dispensers, industry-leading consumables and highly effective air hygiene solutions that can help protect the health and safety of your customers and staff.

We will install and maintain your hygiene solutions, manage consumables and sanitary waste whilst ensuring compliance with all local legislation and environmental regulations.

Hand hygiene

An award-winning range of hand hygiene products, as well as hand soaps and sanitisers, formulated to be highly effective against bacteria and viruses.

Surface hygiene

Our surface hygiene services disinfect and sanitise surfaces, equipment and floors with effective solutions that can kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses.

Air hygiene

Clean, safe air is more important than ever. Our air purification solutions can remove up to 99.85% of airborne particles including respiratory droplets.

myInitial: your online hygiene portal

Discover our easy-to-use online customer portal that supports hygiene management of single or multiple sites.

Hygiene insights

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Pest control services

Innovative pest management solutions from our sister company, Rentokil to support your business needs.

Protecting people, enhancing lives

Comprehensive, tailored hygiene solutions developed by our team of microbiologists and product developers.