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Is your business delivering confidence?

When you think about it, confidence can be a rather fragile notion and the global pandemic has affected everyone’s in so many ways.

If you were able to take someone from 2019 and then suddenly drop them into spring 2020 imagine the shock they would experience? They would arrive in an alarming changed world hardly recognisable from just months before. With so many new things to deal with, frequent and complex lockdowns, continually changing rules and regulations, conflicting statistics and movement and travel restrictions. People worldwide are genuinely fearful and taking careful steps to ensure their own safety. 

Increased hygiene awareness

Perhaps more than anything else, the most noticeable change would be everybody’s individual focus on hygiene. The pandemic has made hygiene something people hardly ever thought about before (but knew they should do), into something they have to do because it’s critical for their safety. 

This heightened sense of awareness has had an impact far beyond each individual’s home or immediate surroundings. Now hygiene is on their mind whenever they venture out, whatever they’re doing. Going to the shop for milk, a gym session, a break in a hotel or returning to the office. The premises people frequent and situations are endless. But there is one common factor, all these places of business need to be just as vigilant with hygiene as their visitors are – if not more so. In fact, this is fast becoming a measure of how businesses are judged.  

Initial’s research proves the point. We found that 65% of respondents expect the company to provide regular disinfection services. 50% believe the office should be cleaned once a day, 40% believe it should be twice a day.  Research carried out by The Edelman Trust Barometer Special Report: Brand Trust and the Coronavirus Pandemic added more. They discovered ‘78% of people say that businesses have a responsibility to ensure their employees are protected from the virus in the workplace and do not spread the virus into the community.’ Clearly people expect their safety to be taken seriously by businesses. More than ever, people are hygiene conscious and know what provisions should be adopted to keep themselves safe.  

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In addition, customers are equally concerned about how companies treat staff. They are, after all, the people they come in contact with. A global consumer sentiment survey across 42 countries from McKinsey – the trusted adviser and counsellor for many of the world’s most influential businesses and institutions – recently highlighted the importance of hygiene. The survey revealed that if companies treat their staff well and put safety concerns first, it indicates that the company is making sensible decisions about safety. Something that customers think is the right thing to do. 

It’s pertinent to remember that staff and customers will be more favourable to businesses they feel can be trusted to offer effective and comprehensive hygiene solutions. When it’s clear they are, it attracts and reassures customers and encourages employee loyalty.


Taking a look at the bigger picture

As the old saying goes knowledge is power. In truth, the clearer you are about your long and short-term hygiene strategy the happier people will feel when visiting your business. These days cleanliness is the bare minimum people expect to see. If you’re a hotel, restaurant or shop, just delivering this will no longer allow you to stand out from the crowd. If we’re eating in a restaurant or staying in a hotel, we can see if something isn’t clean. We cannot, however, see whether something has been made hygienically safe. 

With the pandemic still ever present for now, hygiene’s importance has been elevated from functionality to a ‘duty of care’ issue. Businesses have a responsibility to staff and customers to make sure they have solutions in place that are effective 24/7. When they are, it can help to build the reputation of a business, reflect its values and deliver confidence.

So from the moment a person steps into your premises they should be aware that you have hygiene under control. By positioning products in appropriate pathogen hotspots throughout your business you are demonstrating a visual reassurance that you are reducing cross-contamination risks.  Signs and floor markings also offer peace of mind. Staff and customers can be confident that you’re following government guidelines and taking the health and wellbeing of everybody seriously. Planning ahead for every eventuality is the way forward. 

hand drying

Inspire confidence in the washroom

There’s no space in your business better than your washrooms to make a statement about how seriously you take hygiene. Those who use your facilities will judge how you are doing very quickly. Public opinion certainly has a strong view on it, as Initial UK’s recent research found. Of those surveyed 62% think that more should be done to prevent washrooms becoming a place where coronavirus is spread. This clearly demonstrates businesses need to show their users that everything possible is being done to keep washrooms hygienically clean, fresh and free from risk. This in turn will lead to added confidence in your brand. 

So what are the areas a business needs to consider in the washroom?

Clean hands

Effective hand hygiene involves two basic processes. Washing the hands with soap and water and then drying without risking contamination. Initial anti-microbial soaps can kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. We also have a range of hand drying options including no-touch paper towel dispensers and electric hand dryers. There is one further process that can help hygiene, that’s hand moisturising. Initial hand moisturising solutions give an added layer of skin protection, especially from frequent hand washing and show customers and employees you care about their wellbeing.

For more on hand hygiene in offices read the blog

Air care

A washroom with a pleasant scent will have a significant impact on people’s perception of a business and how they behave. Initial has products that can help in a couple of ways. Our range of effective air care solutions remove malodour, effectively cleaning the air by neutralising bacteria that cause bad smells. We also have air care solutions that deliver fragrant, malodour-free washrooms and customer areas. People are far more likely to trust a business that takes time to ensure its washrooms not only look good but smell pleasant too. 

For more on air care read the blog

Clean surfaces

Washrooms have a multitude of surfaces that need to be clean. They are after all, particularly if frequently touched, the areas where cross-contamination is most likely. Initial has a range of scientifically-proven surface wipes and sprays that kill up to 99.99% of bacteria, plus products like HygienicTouch door handles that can reduce the risk of further contamination. Sometimes a deep clean might be required to prevent the build up of hidden embedded germs and bacteria. If this is the case, we have this covered too with a specialist hygiene service dedicated to deep washroom cleaning.

Cubicle care

Businesses that focus on clean and hygienic toilet cubicles will see the effort pay dividends in how they are perceived by employees and customers. To help achieve this there are various ranges available from Initial. Each harnesses the latest scientific innovations to reduce cross contamination, increase efficacy and keep washrooms clean, fresh and safe. Products include sanitisers, seat sanitisers and covered toilet roll dispensers. 


Give people confidence in your premises

For the sake of your business’ bottom line and reputation it’s important that the moment anyone steps into your building they feel their safety has been considered and accounted for. Recently Initial conducted a survey to explore this point. The results showed that 87% of people expect their company to provide them with hand sanitiser65% expect the company to provide regular disinfection services and 86% are concerned about the risk of the virus spreading through using door handles. It clearly illustrates that businesses must adopt an integrated approach to hygiene that leaves staff and visitors reassured whilst they navigate their way around.

To learn more read the blog

Making your premises hygienic

Hand sanitising 

It’s not just on entry to a building that people expect to have access to hand sanitisers. Everywhere there’s a hotspot, be that on doors or lifts or handrails, even signing into a building, hand sanitisers need to be provided to reduce the risk for cross-contamination around the building. Initial has a range of products available to cover all situations. From manual dispensing units to no-touch technology that includes automatic dispensing at fixed locations or on movable stands – whichever option you choose, the dispensers are scientifically tested and designed to be optimally hygienic. This gives businesses the choice of putting in place solutions that exactly fit their requirements.

Clean air

The fact is, we all like being somewhere that smells nice, clean and familiar, and that makes a positive difference to our mood and behaviour. Although not as visible or obvious as surface hygiene, a business needs to make provision for clean air too. Air purifiers remove harmful particles and gases to give a more hygienic experience. We have products designed to capture over 99.95% of airborne particles and clean large spaces in under 10 minutes. Having clean air and letting staff and customers know it is safe, means they can be confident and reassured.

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Surface hygiene 

Surface hygiene doesn’t just need to be tackled in the washroom. All other areas must be taken into consideration too. Any surfaces that are directly touched by skin – most often the hand – can transmit germs to people.  Particular attention needs to be paid to:

• communal areas, such as washrooms, canteens, receptions, kitchens, elevators, changing rooms

• frequently touched objects and surfaces, such as door handles, floors or equipment and machinery

• office areas including workstations, desks and storage areas

To counter this, an integrated approach to hygiene – that includes disinfection and sanitising is recommended. Initial offer fully-serviced hygiene solutions, to keep your employees and customers safe. 

For more about surface hygiene visit the website 

Effective disinfection

If there’s a suspicion or confirmation that a virus has compromised your business then disinfection is highly recommended. Disinfection treatments reassure those visiting or working in your premises that it remains a safe and clean environment. Initial have several options available depending on the requirement, some use mist others are UV based. 

 For more on disinfection read the blog 

airy office

Show you care and deliver confidence

The spaces that businesses occupy have a significant impact on the day-to-day lives of those who visit. Employees might spend 8 hours or more there. Customers expect to feel comfortable and enjoy being on site. For a business to thrive their environment should feel uplifting and positive. Expectations of hygiene and safety go without saying. But businesses can do more. They should consider wellbeing as a priority. And strive to make people feel that they are being looked after beyond the expected and necessary. Better, safer spaces will benefit any brand by making them a place people want to be in and return to.

Creating a better environment

The importance of air quality

Beyond odour it’s impossible under normal circumstances to really be able to assess the quality of the air inside your premises. But the fact remains indoor air can become polluted with microscopic particles of dust and dirt, bacteria, viruses, mould and gases emitted from people, products, fixtures and fittings. We provide solutions that not only allow businesses to monitor air quality, but also to make provision for air purification. 

For more on air hygiene/Covid-19 read the blog  

floor care

Prevent dirt and bacteria being spread by footfall

An area quite often overlooked is, literally, right under your feet. The floor. Dirt you can see, bacteria you can’t, but it’s still there. With effective floorcare not only can you remove most of the problem, you can also protect the floor and drastically reduce wear and tear. The added bonus of course, is that staff and visitors will look more favourably on your brand too. Initial’s solution here comes from serviced mats. They help to reduce a company’s cleaning costs, prolonging the life of flooring and can help to prevent accidents in the workplace. 

For more about floor hygiene visit the website 

The power of plants

The simple fact is people like plants. Bringing a little piece of the outdoors indoors makes a huge difference to how people feel. Office plants improve productivity, increase people’s engagement, reduce stress levels, and even reduce employee absenteeism. The careful placing of plants makes a massive difference. Social distancing can be planned and maintained. Green walls provide natural air purification and humidification. Spaces smell naturally fresh. Initial can assist here with biophilic design that helps businesses go green to benefit their brand. 

For more information read the blog 

You can have every confidence in Initial

At Initial, we believe in smart hygiene for smart businesses so you are covered in all key risk areas, not just in the washroom. Contact us to find out how we can assist you in establishing good hygiene practices across your organisation to create healthier, more hygienic and productive work environments. 

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Facing the challenges of hygiene with confidence

Hygiene services for your business

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