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Commercial hand dryers: Prepare to be blown away

Today, your customers and employees are a lot savvier about hygiene. They know that hand drying is integral to good hand hygiene as wet hands can spread up to a thousand times more bacteria than dry hands.

For decades, paper towels were second to none. But now, with increased demand for more sustainable solutions, greater awareness of the risks of cross-contamination, and the costly exercise of monitoring and restocking paper towel dispensers and emptying bins, it’s time to dispose of paper towels for good. 

Luna Dry: Our powerful commercial hand dryer with enhanced energy efficiency 

Combining the latest technology with aesthetic design, Luna Dry is a sustainable, stylish addition to any washroom in high-traffic areas where operation up-time and hygiene are essential. High-performance hand dryers can dry hands quickly, but Luna Dry can do this using significantly less power and producing fewer carbon emissions. But that’s not all. Luna Dry is packed with an astonishing array of benefits for your business. 

  • Energy-saving – fast, efficient, low-energy motor dries hands in 12 seconds for reduced energy costs and carbon emissions.
  • Reduced waste – the only hand dryer to feature a HEPA media filter and an intelligent indicator that informs you when a replacement is required to reduce unnecessary waste.
  • Long-lasting – long-life brushless digital motor provides 5,000 service hours and means Luna Dry could work for up to 20 years.
  • Minimises unnecessary travel – plug-and-play model and Terra4 docking station reduce unnecessary travel as you only need an engineer for installation – not servicing, maintenance and replacement.
  • Safe – no-touch design and protective antimicrobial cover with a scratch-resistant surface prevent cross-contamination and reduce the risk of infection.
  • Efficient – no time, resource or costs associated with monitoring and restocking paper towels and managing waste.
  • Low noise – optional quiet mode reduces noise to 67dB from 72dB for minimal disruption.



Luna Dry Mini: Our compact and convenient commercial hand dryer

Are you loving Luna Dry but don’t have the space? Luna Mini Dry is just as stylish, saves washroom space and helps reduce the spread of germs. Here are some other benefits for your business:

  • No-touch design – reduces the number of touchpoints and the risk of infection.
  • Sustainable – produces significantly less CO2 than paper towels, contributing to your sustainability goals.
  • Energy-saving – dries hands in 12 seconds for reduced energy costs and carbon emissions.
  • Safe – protective antimicrobial cover with a scratch-resistant surface prevents cross-contamination and reduces illness.
  • Convenient – Terra4 docking station compatible for easy and quick maintenance and upgrades with minimal disruption.
  • More hygienic – no paper waste ensures a cleaner, tidier washroom.


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