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COVID-19 hygiene services

Innovative hygiene solutions to help support businesses to ensure high hygiene standards and protect staff, visitors and equipment

Delivering hygiene with complete confidence

In a world of disruption where social-distancing has become ‘business-as-usual’ and lockdowns continue in waves, being prepared for every eventuality is critical for every business. 

In addition to the shift in everyone’s day-to-day life, the pandemic has caused a change in the attitudes of people, with ethical-consumerism and sustainability awareness becoming common-place.  Even more so, brand trust – gained from moral alignment, empathy and commitment to protecting people and the community – has become a critical driver for loyalty.  Therefore, businesses are now more than ever in a situation where they need to scrutinise what they are doing for the health and wellbeing of employees and customers.  

At Initial, we're the experts in providing effective hygiene protection for you, your employees and your customers.  Our solutions and services are sustainably and scientifically developed and rigorously tested to give the best levels of risk-mitigation against the spread of germs. We go the extra mile to ensure the service we provide enhances feelings of wellness, confidence and engagement and protects the health and safety of everyone in your business.

Reassure your staff and guests with exceptional hygiene standards with our expert, facilities-wide hygiene services.

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Facing the challenges of hygiene with confidence. Helping you to keep your people and premises protected in the new normal (COVID-19) world.

Trust in the science and the service

With hygiene now such an important consideration for everyone and a constant feed of information at everyone’s fingertips, it’s critical to know that the information you’re getting about the solutions you choose is accurate and can be trusted.

For over 120 years, we've been honing our expertise so that when we attend your premises, either to install or service your solutions, you can rely on the fact that you're getting more. More professionalism, more experience, more knowledge. 

Scientific research has always been at the forefront of every product we've developed.  From the way that products are designed, to the way in which they are positioned and the consumables that they dispense.  Our team of research and product development chemists, microbiologists and formulators are dedicated to ensuring we have world class products that are as ecologically-sound as possible, are robustly laboratory and mechanically tested and are regulatory approved. If it can't be scientifically proven, then simply put, it isn't good enough for our customers.  The team looks to the future every single day to improve hygiene standards and protect public health.  

Hygiene Services

Our integrated solutions are designed to combat the different ways that germs can spread through a building - from person to person, surface to person or via the air.


 Hygiene and wellbeing for the whole building

Our solutions span a broad range of washroom hygiene solutions, including sustainable smart washroom solutions to reduce hygiene risks in the washroom; hygiene protection across your facilities for hands, surfaces and the air plus essential disinfection services; and enhanced environment solutions design to improve your workspace for staff and customers alike.

Washroom hygiene – from hand hygiene, cubicle and waste management solutions and washroom air care, to surface hygiene and deep cleaning.

Premises hygiene – from hand sanitising and air purification, to surface hygiene solutions and disinfection services, ensuring staff and visitor safety.

Enhanced environments – from serviced floor care and Premium Scenting, to green walls, plants and biophilic design, improving staff wellbeing.

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