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Transform your washroom experience with Initial’s smart hygiene solutions

Keep your high-traffic facilities running at optimum efficiency and give customers a cleaner and more sustainable environment with smart hygiene solutions; a unique mix of data and durability.

In high-traffic environments like transport hubs, stadiums, and shopping centres, the intense daily demand on washroom facilities presents significant challenges, from consumable shortages to long queues and maintenance issues. These aspects critically impact customer satisfaction, with our research indicating that 77% of consumers judge a business based on the state of its washrooms. This reality underscores the necessity of robust, resource-efficient washroom solutions, not just for operational necessity but also for preserving a positive business image and ensuring customer satisfaction. 

Recognising this, transforming conventional washrooms into smart ones is more than just an operational upgrade; it's a strategic move to maintain a positive business image and ensure customer satisfaction. As the shift towards smart building concepts gains traction, adopting advanced digital hygiene solutions in washrooms is becoming increasingly essential. Smart hygiene technology not only addresses the operational efficiency and cost savings in these high-traffic areas but also plays a crucial role in enhancing a brand's reputation and meeting the sophisticated expectations of modern users. By embracing smart washroom solutions, businesses can effectively respond to the intense demands of their environments, offering users a seamless, hygienic experience and upholding superior hygiene standards.

Intelligent solutions for high-footfall washrooms

The smart hygiene range offers an intelligent solution for high-footfall washrooms, perfectly blending sleek design with robust functionality to meet green building standards and foster sustainable environments. In response to the evolving hygiene needs post-COVID-19, this range is thoughtfully crafted, keeping in mind the requirements of building management, cleaners, and washroom users. Utilising cutting-edge, cloud-based technology, the range of connected products provides invaluable real-time data and trend insights into washroom behaviours and activities, significantly enhancing hygiene practices and user engagement in washrooms.

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