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Smart hygiene solutions for your business

Keep your high-traffic facilities running at optimum efficiency and give customers a cleaner and more sustainable environment with smart hygiene solutions; a unique mix of data and durability.

Washrooms in high-footfall areas, such as transport hubs, stadia and shopping centres need to cope with the demands of a large number of visitors on a daily basis. With an endless number of users flushing toilets and washing hands at the same time, it’s not surprising that a lack of consumables, queues, bad odours and maintenance problems are the causes of most customer complaints. Our studies have found that 77% of consumers perceive a business more or less favourably depending on the state of its washrooms.

Introducing robust, cost and resource efficient washroom solutions is therefore vital.


Smart washrooms

The concept of the smart building is now well established among architects, owners and facilities teams. However, an area of the building that’s only starting to fully recognise the benefits of smart technology infrastructure is the washroom. Making washrooms smart by adding digital hygiene solutions not only delivers greater efficiency savings, but also has a significant impact on brand reputation and can help meet the expectations of demanding washroom users. 


The Rapid>SmartHygiene range

The Rapid>SmartHygiene range helps businesses meet green building standards, creates more sustainable environments and supports hygiene measures in the ‘new normal’ following the COVID-19 pandemic. Our products are sleek, robust and innovatively designed with building management, cleaners and washroom users in mind.


Intelligent solutions for high-footfall washrooms

Using connected, cloud-based technology, our smart washroom products are all connected to our innovative portal to provide real-time trend data insights into washroom behaviour and activity, helping to create more hygienic and engaging washrooms. 

Rapid>Foam – offers a reliable and economical handwashing experience

Rapid>Water – a touch free smart tap that can reduce water consumption but up to 2L per handwash

Rapid>Flush – specifically designed for toilets and urinals to improve odour and reduce limescale

Rapid>Lights  a thermal-based lighting system that shows cubicle occupancy

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